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PT Silent Hills Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Silent Hill is a series of video games renowned for the horror it instills. By playing nasty psychological tricks on players, the games make them think evil beings are around every corner, in every cellar and just outside of every lift. While the PT Silent Hills resource pack won’t turn Minecraft into a game from the famed survival horror series, it will bring many recognizable elements from the games into your Minecraft world. Technically the pack still isn’t finished though, which is why the PT is added onto the front of the name; that stands for Playable Teaser.





Unlike many resource packs which are all about looks, PT Silent Hills actually includes some custom sounds ripped right from the games, like the static noises made by the radios and the awful, disgusting sound the fetus from the sink makes in one of the titles. These are all just elements of the resource pack too. There is also a map which was made specifically to go with this pack, and that is finished. If you’re looking for a very unique horror experience on Minecraft, you would do well to pick up this resource pack and the corresponding map. They do work very well together.

Fortunately, if you go looking for one item from the pair here, you’ll inevitably run into the other item as well. Playing through the map would be a great way to see all the textures changed by the resource pack, since the map focuses on using these to create an atmosphere akin to the interior of a massive mansion. If you want the look of Silent Hill without all of the terror the map promises, you could always just download the pack alone.

PT Silent Hills Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

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