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Stage One Simple Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

The Stage One Simple resource pack is what you would call a work in progress. Despite the fact it’s more than 7 months old right now, it still isn’t complete. However, a lot of features have been implemented already, so it’s a sight better than most of the other “WIP” resource packs you find for Minecraft. It comes with a low resolution of 16x so anyone who can play Minecraft can use the pack, and the textures which have been completed and updated already do admittedly look pretty good. Like the name says these textures are simple, sometimes to a fault. If you want low-res Minecraft you’re in the right place.





If you’re looking for increased details and enhanced graphics from your resource pack, Stage One Simple is something to steer clear of during your search. However, if you prefer a Minecraft which looks more cartoony thanks to simplified textures, solid color palettes and very little blending of colors in the same object, then this is the pack for you. As to the blending, that’s like how you can still see bits of brown through the top of grassy dirt, or how the sides of other blocks seem to kind of gradually fade into the other sides of the same block. There’s none of that here. Just look at the pictures.





Many of the textures in the Stage One Simple pack just look like they were drawn by some kid with a crayon. Considering the average age of Minecraft players, this might not actually be that far from the truth. One place where the pack really shines though is in forests. Wood blocks of all types look much, much better than they do in vanilla Minecrafft. The cross sections of the wood still look the same but the bark is uniform and crisp.

Stage One Simple Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added blaze rod, blaze rod, all bow stages and bone.
  • Added pumpkin stem, level and fern.

Download Links for Stage One Simple Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: EnderDragonair – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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