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Super Textile Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

If you’re looking for a bit more realism and believability in your Minecraft textures, you might want to try the Super Textile resource pack. It improves the look of everything in Minecraft, first by improving the textures despite the standard 16x resolution, and second by adding significantly more depth to some of the textures while simplifying others. Items like beds, cakes and enchanting tables really don’t look any different at all, so some of the textures are probably not modified very much. Looking at everything all at once, it’s clear that some of the blocks really pop out.


For instance, the jukebox / record player block you make with wood and a diamond. It looks a lot more like some crazy Rubik’s cube or a dance pad from a DDR machine, which is pretty cool. Different colored glass blocks and panes also look a lot better than normal, though some of the darker colors appear to be a bit hazy, like foggy in some sense. The Super Textile resource pack does slip up in a couple places though. For starters, all the ores use the same graphic, which is awfully confusing. Sure, they have different colors, but when you’re mining in the dark or even low light, it’s impossible to tell them apart.


This isn’t really an issue if you bring enough torches or other light sources, but that doesn’t stop it from being very annoying. The Super Textile pack is simple, but it does manage to do a lot despite not stretching Minecraft or making the player’s computer work much harder. Practically anyone who can play Minecraft can also play it while using this resource pack, so there’s no excuse not to try it if you’re even a little bit interested.

Super Textile Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Added Redstone Lamp Off
  • Added Redstone Lamp On
  • Added Trapdoor

Download Links for Super Textile Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: ShadowLordApprentice – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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