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Ventura Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2

Ventura is a must have resource pack for the players who feel like Minecraft doesn’t really provide an actual sense of adventure and could, therefore, use a whole lot of tuning and polishing when it comes to its visuals. Although the visuals of vanilla Minecraft are by no means bad, a lot of players feel that they feel rather lifeless at times, and this takes away from the charm of the game a little bit. The Ventura has been designed with this exact thing is mind and does a rather impressive job of remedying it in order to provide its users with an experience that’s refreshing and overall, quite captivating.



The Ventura resource pack has been built with the idea to make things as vibrant, luminous and lively as possible. The idea definitely sounds quite ambitious, but the pack does a great job of pulling it off. Resource packs that try to make things more bright and colorful often and up overdoing it but that isn’t the case with Ventura. The pack features an excellent blend of simplicity and vibrancy which is why every single aspect of it is very easy on the eyes and overall quite appealing to look at.



The aim of the Ventura pack isn’t really to implement as much detail as possible into the textures and due to this, the resolution of 16×16 actually works out quite well for it. The relatively low resolution also means that players can probably run this pack just fine without having to worry about frame-rate or any other kind of technical issues. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the pack is still a work in progress and is barely at half completion in its current state so if you’re looking for a full-fledged pack, then you might want to pick something else for the time being.

Ventura Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2 Changelogs


  • Glowstone (Animated)
  • Blue and White Flower
  • 1 More Grass Alt


  • Armour Stand
  • Banner

Tweaks, Fixes, and Misc:

  • Pink Palette
  • Birch Block

How to install Ventura Resource Pack?

  1. Start Minecraft.
  2. Click “Options” in the start menu.
  3. Click “resource packs” in the options menu.
  4. In the resource packs menu, click “Open resource pack folder”.
  5. Put the .zip file you downloaded in the resource pack folder.

Download Link for Ventura Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.10.X

Credit: Irish

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