Age of Ultron Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

The Age of Ultron map is pretty much what you would expect from any major boss battle maps that come out for Minecraft. It features a big baddy who’s severely overpowered and forces the player to use the right weapons, movements and tactics to take the thing out. The map itself is your standard large city fare with tons of tall buildings and skyscrapers that look cool from the outside but don’t really have any insides worth exploring. This isn’t an issue here like it is in most city maps because the focus isn’t on the city itself – it’s on the giant monster trying to murder you.



Ultron doesn’t just randomly appear though. To make it spawn you’ll need to craft a specific item using a number of rare materials and then dig up a 3x3x1 plot of land, so you have nine empty spaces all on the same plane. There are videos covering the summoning process itself, but the fact making Ultron spawn is so complicated might be annoying to players. It might also be endearing too, since its reminiscent of spawning the Wither. If you’re looking for a complicated boss fight in Minecraft, you should try out the Age of Ultron map.

How to install Age of Ultron Map?

Download Lniks for Age of Ultron Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: The Minecraft Avatar – Website:


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