Chococraft Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.7.10


Fans of the Final Fantasy RPG series will immediately recognize the iconic character added to Minecraft by the Chococraft mod. Chocobos are large, bipedal and mostly flightless birds which come in a wide variety of colors. They’re known for their characteristic “wark” sound, which you’ll be hearing quite a bit if you decide to wrangle a few and start breeding the birds. They don’t drop any food upon death, but why would you want to kill them anyhow? These birds are more useful than any other mounts you’ve seen before, leaving pigs, horses and other animals in their dust, quite literally.








Chocobos currently come in 9 different colors, and most of these have unique abilities. Your standard yellow chocobos are simple mounts that help you to move faster. Green chocobos can simply vault over 1 block height differences while running, and blue chocobos can cross water as if walking on land. Other chocobos can run across lava just like water or land, or even take to the skies in flight, but these will take some time and breeding for most players to get. The Chocolcraft mod is a great addition to Minecraft for players seeking new and interesting mounts, as well as a way to fly over great distances.

Chococraft Mod Update Logs

  • Breeding chocobos with a lovely gysahl green will no longer directly spawn a baby chocobo. Instead, the mother chocobo will place an egg on the ground. To hatch this egg, it needs to be picked up and placed in a Chocobo Nest.
  • The color of a chocobo can now be changed using dyes. Supported are yellow, lime, blue, white, black, ping, red, purple.
  • Added Stamina stat to chocobos that is displayed as a bar of lighting strikes when mounted. Stamina is used for special chocobo abilities and regenerates slowly. Standing still increases the regeneration rate slighly.
  • Added 4 chocobo abilities that are granted to a chocobo when breeding.

How to install Chococraft Mod?

  1. Download the latest version of the Minecraft Forge installer.
  2. Run the installer and select client/server.
  3. Start Minecraft using the Forge profile.
  4. Exit the game.
  5. Download the Chococraft mod below and place it in the mods folder.
  6. Re-launch Minecraft and have fun!

Download Chococraft Mod

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TypeNameSizeUploadedGame VersionDownloads


chococraft_1.12.1- KBSep 1, 20171.12.2 +251,131


chococraft_1.12.1- KBSep 1, 20171.12.1 +1319


4.1.5464.79 KBJan 14, 20151.7.101,013,752
Developer: clienthax CurseForge


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