Future Server Spawn Map for Minecraft 1.8.7


If you’re hosting a Minecraft server, you probably need to come up with a decent spawning area to keep players coming back. If they just pop up in the middle of an empty field, many players will simply leave a server and go somewhere else, looking for something more interesting or interactive. That’s why maps like the Future Server Spawn are great utilities for server owners everywhere. This map makes a perfect hub for players to spawn into, and with some commands and a bit of editing, it’s possible to set up a number of portals which lead to other areas on the server from this central point.







This Future Server Spawn map is great for futuristic servers – maybe something in outer space or some other corner of science fiction. It wouldn’t really fit in a medieval world, but then there are plenty of other maps which would, so that’s not really a big deal. The map does what you need it to do, and you can’t really ask for much more than that. This map is also known as World Energy Core, so if you can’t find it using the name given here, be sure to try looking for that too.

Future Server Spawn Map for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • New floors for shop, warps and others.
  • New ceiling and roof style.
  • New bridge design.


  • X:-722
  • Y:63
  • Z:-1109

Download Links for Future Server Spawn Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: ScarletBox


  1. Hey Scarlet. I have seen your map here and i would really like it on my server, but it looks awfull with the mountains half cut all around the spawn. I have spend hours trying to get it nice around the spawn so i could use it on my server. Can you help me or explain why your map is filled with halfcut mountains around the spawn? Please contact me – I would really like this spawn on my server.

  2. I’m the server Owner of BaconTownMC (IP below), and I <3 this map. I am holding a competition for the best Spawn. I am going to hold a vote on my server's website (link below) sometime around the 20th of January to see who built the best Spawn, and I was wondering if this GREAT map won, would you like to be one of BaconTownMC's official Builders? If not, that is totally fine and understandable. Check out the website for more info. Thanks!

    Website: bacontownmc.enjin.com
    Server IP:

  3. I’m the Owner of BaconTownMC, and on my server’s website (link below), I will be holding a poll around the 20th of January to determine whose Spawn map is the best, and will be replacing my current Spawn (built by me = it sucks). This map is definitely on that list, and I was wondering in case this map won the poll, if you wanted to be an official Builder on BaconTownMC. If you do not, that is totally fine and understandable.

    Thanks for building such an amazing Spawn!

    Website: bacontownmc.enjin.com


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