Hawkpack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1


Though it may not have seen any solid updates over the last six months, Hawkpack texture pack is still one of the best-looking resource packs available for Minecraft to date. Naturally, it won’t work with the latest Minecraft game client, but there may be an update coming sometime soon to address this. Then again, there may not. If and when that update comes, you can bet more people will be downloading Hawkpack resource pack, but until that time, you can still just clock back your version of Minecraft at the startup screen so Hawkpack resource pack works perfectly. This pack took about 3 months of daily work to craft and the results were worth the wait.





Though it isn’t necessary to the function of Hawkpack, the creator also recommends getting some mod loading tool like MCPatcher to prevent inconsistencies which could crash out Minecraft if you use a lot of mods and want to try playing with this resource pack enabled. At a resolution of 32x, Hawkpack is inconspicuously small, yet it still manages to make a clear and obvious difference in the appearance of Minecraft. It even manages to make swamp biomes look beautiful and like places where players might want to set up shop, and that’s saying a lot.








Other sights which look especially nice are flowing lava in the middle of a dark night. The stuff just lights up the whole world around it, in a way that standard lava fails to match. It’s not really a realistic pack, nor is it a more modern pack, and it certainly isn’t one of the many medieval or RPG themed packs out there. It’s kind of hard to nail Hawkpack down into a single genre, but one thing is for sure: players who try it tend to like it.

Hawkpack Reosurce Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs

  • Removed redstone texture.
  • Removed gun powder texture.
  • Removed slime ball texture.
  • Removed magma cream texture.

Download Links for Hawkpack Reosurce Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.1



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