Irish Luck Mod for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4

If you’ve ever seen or tried the Lucky Block mod before, then you will already know what to expect from the Irish Luck mod. Like the Lucky Block mod, this mod adds special blocks to Minecraft which have varying effects when they are broken. Sometimes they bestow great benefits on the user and sometimes they spawn something which kills the player dead pretty quickly. What you get is totally random, so it’s not like you can stack the odds in favor of getting something good from your special Luck blocks. This is just the kind of mod for all you gamblers out there.


The Irish Luck mod is fairly simple. After you craft your Luck block, just place it anywhere at all, but probably far away from your home or base since the results are unpredictable. Breaking the placed Luck block can cause all manner of reactions to occur. Random items and blocks, equipment kits, hostile mobs and rivers of lava are all possibilities. The block can also spawn structures which may or may not render correctly depending on the surroundings. You’ll probably want to use a wide open field for breaking your Luck blocks because of what might happen.


Mod Showcase

Currently, the Irish Luck mod doesn’t support any custom configurations, so you can’t just change the settings to give you only positive results, or modify the results you could get in some other way. Because it is technically still in alpha, this will probably change in the future once more development has been put into the mod. For now, if you want a mod which is reliable and actually works, you might still want to forego Irish Luck in place of the Lucky Block mod. However, because this mod does things the Lucky Block mod does not, it might still be worth checking out.

Irish Luck Mod for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.10.2 Changelogs


  • Removed some entities registry that will actually be a thing on the future


  • None of the Irish Blocks can be pushed by pistons.


  • Added Irish Dragon Egg as a drop from the Irish Dragon
  • The Irish Dragon Egg plays random sounds (Can be turned off in the configs – Have fun punching it with a stick or a redstone torch)
  • Irish Dragon now displays a Boss Bar


  • A better system for spawning structures. Now if a structure deletes another Irish Luck Block that was placed on the world, it should spawn that block at your feet.
  • Some fireworks added when spawning different items/blocks.
  • New config (true by default) to make possible the Irish Luck Block spawn as loot in random chests in Minecraft (Mineshafts, Nether Dungeons, Dessert Temples, etc.).

How to install Irish Luck Mod?

This mod requires “Minecraft Forge” in order to operate. It is incredibly easy to download and set up, so might as well get to it!

  1. Download Forge.
  2. Download the latest mod versions.
  3. Place the mod in the mods folder of your .minecraft. If you are not sure where this is, it is located here: /Users/you/AppData/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Enjoy!

Download Links for Irish Luck Mod

for Minecraft 1.11

for Minecraft 1.10.2 / 1.10 / 1.9.4

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: MrAmericanMike – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


  1. I really like this mod. Super fun! Never know what you will get! I recently mined an Irish block (was not good luck) but I cannot figure out what actually happened. Once I hit the block. I was surround my coal blocks above me, glass around me, with obsidian on the ground floor. It was filled with water and then exploded… it happened so fast I was curious to what kind of trap it was. It did some damage…. ok I now have an extra swimming hole! Please let me know.. I am super curious.

  2. I tried crafting it in survivor but it won’t let me make it. Did the recipe change or it just can’t be crafted yet because it’s still in alpha?


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