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Realistic Torches Mod

The torches in Minecraft just aren’t realistic. Everyone knows that nothing burns forever – eventually fire will consume whatever it’s feeding off of to keep burning, and it will then go out in a puff of smoke at the end. The Realistic Torches mod brings realism to Minecraft’s torches by giving them an actual life in the game, so they don’t just keep burning forever. It’s kind of hard to get used to this mod at first when torches have always lasted forever in Minecraft. But did you know that Notch and others behind Minecraft actually wanted torches to have a limited lifespan?



You can find that out if you check out other torch mods. Getting back to the Realistic Torches mod though, torches live on a timer and will burn out after the timer has run down. You can set the amount of time torches last in the mod’s config file, so if you think they should last longer (or if they last too long for your tastes) you can modify the time whenever you like. This adds a considerable level of difficulty to Minecraft’s early game, where torches are what every player relies on to light up their caves, mineshafts and other underground explorations.


Mod Showcase:

Once those torches burn out they are gone forever; they don’t leave behind bits of wood like boats do when they get destroyed by ramming into solid blocks at high speeds. Another cool part about the Realistic Torches mod is that the torches you craft won’t actually burn until you like them with either a matchbox or flint and steel item. They also won’t start burning if you try to do this in the rain, so be sure to find some shelter before you try crafting torches en masse. You can still make permanent torches with glowstone dust instead of coal too.

Realistic Torches Mod Update Logs

  • Updated to MC 1.12.2
  • Added a config field to specify the ticks between handheld light source updates.

How to install Realistic Torches Mod?

  1. Download the mod!
  2. When you haven’t installed Minecraft Forge yet, download and install it.
  3. Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  4. Have fun!

Download Realistic Torches Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 ChaosTheDude is the creator of Realistic Torches Mod

📣 About Project

Developer ChaosTheDude
Published📅 Jan 19, 2018

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