Masks Mod for Minecraft 1.8

You know how there are mob heads, pumpkins and other things you can put into your Minecraft character’s helmet slot, and then you can go around with a different head than you would normally have? The Masks mod does something very similar to this, though it leaves the other four sides of the user’s head (top, sides, back) the same as they normally are while only affecting the front facing side. It’s a nice take on an old game concept, but there’s more to this mod than just making you look different to the people around you. It’s possible to see the world differently depending on the mask you wear.



For instance, if you’re using a spider mask, you will get a strange kind of low light vision while also breaking up whatever you’re seeing into different sections on the screen, as if you were looking at one thing with multiple sets of eyes. Other masks give you other powers too, but it would be kind of bad to spoil them all here. Instead, let’s talk about other ways the masks are useful. You can actually walk among mobs of a certain type of you are wearing the corresponding mask and they won’t even bat an eye at you… at least until you attack them and get their attention.

If you have a field of creepers to walk through, this could really save your life. But you can’t just make masks without getting the necessary ingredients. Some of these, like the life essence, can be very hard to find. They will randomly drop from monsters at a very low percentage chance, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one in each fortress, nether fortress and dungeon you come across during your travels. You’ll need a steady supply of clay and string to make the base masks and allow them to be fixed to your head as well.

Masks Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added Creeper mask!
  • Added Elder Guardian mask!
  • Added Enderman mask!

Download Links for Masks Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Forge Required

Credit: Hamster_Furtif – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft


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