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The Ultimate Unicorn Mod for Minecraft 1.9.2/1.9/1.8.9

Any mod claiming to be the “Ultimate” at anything deserves some close scrutiny. But after checking out The Ultimate Unicorn Mod, it’s fair to say that this is probably the best horse mod around for Minecraft, and certainly the best unicorn mod to date. This mod adds a slew of new horses to Minecraft, including both unicorns and flying horses, like the Pegasus of Ancient Greek mythology. These horses are interesting enough, but when you dress them up with new modded armor and saddles, they can become quite complex and very useful to the player, even more than standard horses.





Thankfully, these unicorn and Pegasus mobs are quite rare – you could go for several real world days without actually finding any in your Minecraft world. If you do manage to find any then, you’ll want to tie them down with a lead and a fence post if that’s a possibility. In the unicorn’s case, you can just dig a deep hole to trap it until you’re ready to deal with it, like any other livestock. Pegasus can just fly away though, so you’ll really need that lead and fence if you find one. Unicorns are tamed with golden apples, making them pretty expensive to own. They’re also great, aggressive horses though.





You can charge mobs and even other players, goring them with the unicorn horn by pressing F. Special slotted helmets loaded with the right magic wands will make unicorns fire lightning bolts as well; they can be quite fierce. It should be understood already, but the Pegasus and its variants (like the burning Nightmare) will allow the rider to take to the skies, traveling over terrain, monsters and rivers with impunity. New attachments for horses include horseshoes, which can jack up their move speed and the damage they deal if they have offensive moves, like the unicorn.

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod Showcase:


DNA Tester:

Wand of Call Lightning:
Wand of Fireball:
Wand of Dropsies:
Iron Horseshoes:
Ice Horseshoes:
Gentling Horseshoes:
Power Horseshoes:
Iron Horse Helm:
Iron Slotted Horse Helm:
Iron Wingtips:
Wingtips of Buffeting:
Wingtips of Buffeting, All-You-Can-Eat:
Note: Some other foods can be substituted for the golden apple in this recipe.

How to install The Ultimate Unicorn Mod?

This mod requires “Minecraft Forge” in order to operate. It is incredibly easy to download and set up, so might as well get to it!

  1. Download Forge
  2. Download the latest mod versions
  3. Place the mod in the mods folder of your .minecraft. If you are not sure where this is, it is located here: /Users/you/AppData/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Enjoy!

Download Links for The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

for Minecraft 1.9/1.9.2

for Minecraft 1.8.9

for Minecraft 1.8

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: KaneApollo – Original Thread on CursForge

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heyy! if you put stick and feather in to the magical tree hollow you will get this wierd wooden horse… so if you put this horse down on floor and right click it and put detries hide, nightmare hoof, unicornn horn and a pegasus feather in it you can talk to it… what can i say so something hanppends? i said hello and it didnt responde 🙁 can sb help`?

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