Norzeteus’ Space Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8


Norzeteus’ Space resource pack is the perfect addition to Minecraft for players who would rather spend their time exploring distant planets and galaxies rather than tilling a field and growing some wheat here on Earth. That’s not to say the pack does away with these elements of Minecraft – it certainly doesn’t. But the futuristic look and feel supplied by this pack do make Minecraft look very much like a different game. It comes in two resolutions, both 128x and 64x, so there are versions of the pack for both average and more advanced computers. If you can play Minecraft, you can probably use this pack.






You’ll see lots of shiny, gleaming metals and bright, electric lights in Norzeteus’ Space resource papck. Ladders look especially nice and are actually easier to see in the depths of dark caves thanks to the soft blue glow they exude. Life up on the surface of the world couldn’t possibly look more alien. Hostile monsters all look pretty crazy, and even simple, common blocks like stone and sandstone are dressed up to look like something out of a Robert Louis Stevenson book. At least the water textures still look more or less the same as they always have.






Many of the art and painting items in Minecraft are replaced by what appear to be walls full of servers, computers and other machinery. These images allow you to create command centers in any place you choose since they are essentially painted onto blocks. Oddly enough, while every mob in the game looks different and somehow frightening thanks to Norzeteus’ Space resource pack, the plants and vegetables you eat are still easy to identify and come with the same old names.

Norzeteus’ Space Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Changed design of redstone-lamp.
  • Stonebrick monsteregg shows now the correct graphic in the inventory.
  • Corrected some errors in font.

Download Links for Norzeteus’ Space Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X



Credit: Norzeteus – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft