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Vertisicraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

At a glance, the Vertisicraft resource pack looks like most other higher resolution packs that aim to improve the look of Minecraft through major resolution upgrades. Lots of the textures look great too, especially some of the more common ones like the three new rock types, plain grass and many of the flowers. 128x is significantly higher than Minecraft’s standard 16x resolution and Vertisicraft definitely makes use of all that additional detail. It’s a great HD realism pack and if you like the look of it without any extra mods, you should see it with a decent shader pack.








Vertisicraft is less than a year old and the author, tim_10ery, is still making regular updates to it. The pack is about 60% complete according to him, but the textures which have been improved already look fantastic. Many resource pack authors tend to ignore trees as they are more or less background items, or they get chopped down right away to craft stuff so it doesn’t really matter anyhow. That’s not the case with the Vertisicraft resource pack. On the contrary, it seems the trees in this pack look even better than they do in some higher resolution packs.

The vertisicraft resource pack has already been reviewed by a Youtuber – PonzooSaus. There you can see it in live action in a video if you’d rather look before you download. It’s an impressive pack though, so you probably won’t watch for long before snatching up a copy for yourself. Completed aspects of the pack include a custom GUI, environmental blocks, several items, monsters and particle effects. The pack does still need some work, so if you’re the type of player who doesn’t like dealing with half-finished software then you can probably just pass on this pack, at least for now.

Vertisicraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Fixed weird error in Moon textures that cause some parts of the moon to be cut off.
  • Remade the Sun texture.
  • Improved the Block Breaking textures.
  • Added Dark Prismarine texture.
  • Added Prismarine Bricks texture.
  • Added Rough Prismarine textures.

Download Links for Vertisicraft Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: tim_10ery – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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