Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4

Let’s get right to it. Optifine HD for Minecraft 1.18.2, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, 1.15.2, 1.14.4 and 1.13.2 is a mod that promises a significant boost to FPS for anyone playing Minecraft, whether they are online or offline, playing in single player or with other people. However, for servers hosted by others, the owner must have Optifine HD mod installed on their server for the mod to work; you having it installed on your own computer will not be enough, in this case.



This mod has not been updated to work with Minecraft 1.13.2 yet, but the developer is only waiting for an update to MCP, which is a useful tool for organizing and activating/deactivating installed Minecraft mods (1.18.1, 1.17.1, 1.16.5 and 1.15.2 are ready). Until these updates are released, Optifine HD mod will still work well with any version of Minecraft 1.13.2 and 1.12.2, and there are older versions of this mod if you’re the type who likes to play older versions of Minecraft, before many new elements were introduced to the game.


While this mod will make some improvements to Minecraft gameplay, there are some settings you can use once it is installed to maximize really the benefits. Follow this list of moves and you will undoubtedly see a massive FPS increase: set graphics to fast; set render distance to short/tiny; turn off smooth lighting; set performance to max FPS; set AdvancedOpenGL to fast; turn off clouds; turn off fog; then, turn off animations, the sky and the stars.



After this, Minecraft may not be much to look at, but that’s really not a big deal when you consider how blocky the game is anyhow. With Optifine HD mod, it’s possible to enjoy Minecraft even on older computers.

Optifine HD Mod Update Logs

OptiFine 1.18.2_HD_U_H6_pre1

  • Updated to 1.18.2.
  • Probably compatible with Forge 40.0.2.

OptiFine 1.18.1_HD_U_H4

  • Fixed transition between sky and horizon with render distance above 32.
  • Fixed 1.18.1 fog render distance.
  • Updated to 1.18.1.
  • Compatible with Forge 39.0.0.

OptiFine 1.17.1_HD_U_H1

  • Added support for the microsoft store launcher (#6355).
  • More smooth lighting fixes (#1287).
  • Fixed crash with shaders velocity and disabled random entities (#6307).
  • Fixed water smooth lighting (#1551).
  • Fixed smooth lighting (#1287).

OptiFine 1.17_HD_U_G9_pre21

  • Fixed chunks not loading when changing dimension (#5757)
  • Fixed emissive textures for entities.
  • Fixed custom sky.

OptiFine 1.16.5_HD_U_G6

  • Updated to 1.16.5
  • Compatible with Forge 36.0.0

OptiFine 1.16.4_HD_U_G4_pre1

  • Not working: antialiasing and anisotropic filtering.
  • Updated to 1.16.4.
  • Not compatible with Forge.

OptiFine 1.16.3_HD_U_G3

  • Not working: antialiasing and anisotropic filtering.
  • Added particle culling.
  • Updated to 1.16.3.
  • Compatible with Forge 34.0.0.

OptiFine 1.15.2_HD_U_G1_pre30

  • Not working: antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and render regions.
  • Fixed shaders to render world border with program textured_lit (#3979).
  • Fixed shaders rendering of hurt mobs and flashing creepers (#3598).
  • Fixed CIT relative texture paths (#4046).
  • Fixed alpha for CUTOUT rendering (#4120).
  • Fixed custom player models.

OptiFine 1.14.4_HD_U_F5

  • Fixed crash when reloading textures (#3125).
  • Fixed invisible mobs around the player.
  • Fixed shaders integer texture formats (#3109).
  • Compatible with Forge 28.1.56.

OptiFine 1.13.2_HD_U_F5

  • Fixed crash when reloading textures (#3125).
  • Fixed invisible mobs around the player.
  • Fixed shaders integer texture formats (#3109).
  • Internally compatible with Forge 25.0.90 (can’t be installed yet).

OptiFine 1.13_HD_U_E3_alpha

  • An early preview, not all functions are tested.
  • Not working: anisotropic filtering, antialiasing.
  • Partially working: shaders.
  • Updated to 1.13

How to install Optifine HD Mod in Minecraft 1.18.1, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, 1.16.4, 1.15.2, 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2 & other versions?


  1. Download the mod install JAR file from below.
  2. Just open the installer with Java and click on “Install” button!
  3. That’s it! 🙂


  1. Download the mod jar file from below.
  2. Download & Install Forge API.
  3. Copy the mod jar file in %appdata%/.minecraft/mods (run Minecraft with Forge profile one time to get mods folder or just created a simple folder with “mods” name).

Problems to open the Java installer:

  • If you can not open the installer, make sure you have installed Java on your PC!
  • If the JAR file open with another software (WinRAR or another), you can fix by right-clicking on the JAR file, go to “Open with” and select Java(TM) Platform SE binary from the list.

Download Optifine HD Mod


  1. You don’t actually have Optifine for versions above 1.7.10. This page explicitly states here that progress is at 8%, so it would be reasonable not to expect it for at least a few weeks. In fact, most of the mods on this blog have the latest version number in the title despite only being compatible with 1.7.10.

    Please stop manipulating users into reaching this site with false hopes. It probably increases your hits and potentially ad revenue, but it’s a shady practice to bait and switch like that.

    The sad thing is that you’re hardly the only one doing it; I see the same thing on other sites and YouTube videos. They all know good and well that these mods aren’t compatible with 1.8, but they change the titles of everything to make it seem like they are.

  2. Really?
    I came here looking to be able to get OptiFine for 1.8, yet of course you pulled a bait and switch. IF IT ISN’T FOR 1.8, DO NOT ADVERTISE IT AS BEING FOR 1.8!

  3. Please make it soon 🙂 My computer lags alot when I use 1.8 and I hate it… Also I have to use 1.7.10 Optifine… Guyz anyone know to the fix of having spread out words when you use 1.8?

  4. Isn’t 1.8 ever going to come out???? You should speed it up, its almost impossible that SOME OPTIFINE would take MILLIONS OF ZILLIONS of hours and days!
    I waited a week when it was 25% and now its
    30%!!! please speed this up a little.

  5. we just got to be pation i rather have be partialy done that not worked on at all, and i beat they are working as fast as they can to get it ready, cant wait for it to come to 1.8 and any way alot of servers are still on 1.7.10 still

  6. Hey, lots of people seem to be hating on you for “false advertising”. I was kinda disappointed, but that doesn’t mean I can just berate you. I hope people read this before they post something mean.

  7. Macht bitte wenieger Werbung auf der Seite ich kann mit meinem Schrot Computer nicht mal die Seite her stellen. XD

  8. It wont work it takes you to a website you download the version you skip the add and it takes you to the download page

  9. I downloaded and install for 1.8.1 and my spawn chunks started acting funny. Stuff would still despawn and redstone contraptions still ran so chunks were actually loaded but Iron Golems wouldn’t spawn and chickens wouldn’t lay eggs anymore. Chickens that had hatched from me being around spawn would still grow up and die in lava but new ones wouldn’t hatch since the seeder chickens didn’t lay eggs.

    Reverted back to vanilla 1.8.1 and everythings fine now.

    Figured I’d let you know cause I really love Optifine and I would hate to not be able to use it because of this.

  10. It seems it isn’t for 1.8.1/1.8, because my game always crashed when I tried to load it. WAIT A SECOND…
    Optifine IS a version… My game crashes when I use Optifine ;n;
    Optifine was AWESOME in 1.7.

  11. How can i get this to work with Forge also. I follow the directions several different ways and can not get forge and optifine working at the same time

  12. This doesnt work for me, it just crashes with: “Java Exception occured.”. Apparently, this is not for 1.8.

  13. Ummm does it work with shaders? and how do I get shaders and optifine as 2 mods in 1? XD
    I’m new with mods so yeah.. 😛

  14. Lol pretty sure the 3 above comments are the same person… (you)

    What do you have against it? And it may not work for you, but it might work for others so stop pretending to be 3 different people, to back yourself up. pathetic.

  15. Where’s the 1.8.4 Optifine? It doesn’t show up on my screen… Is that just me or is there no optifine 1.8.4??

  16. “Fixed red screen tinting” ..I actually LIKED that “bug”. I thought it was intentional .. made dusk and dawn look beautiful. Gonna stay with the red tint version thanks 🙂

  17. FFS guys, it works.

    And can you help me? I cant have shaders mod & GLSL shaders mod, and optifine in the same folder.
    Or it just instantly crashes.

  18. whomever organized this page should be shot in the leg so he has to sit at his computer and get his crap together.

  19. I have installed this but when I try to run with java or double click to open it, a black windows pops up for like a half second and then dissapers. It doesn’t even give me an option to click or anything. I already ran vers. 1.8.9 and everything but when I check to see if it installed it hasn’t. I even turned my firewall off and it still won’t work. Please help!

  20. MinecraftSix awesome site! But… when I try to download Optifine it leads me to this page, it says OptiFine, I click on downloads, I download 1.7.10(and 1.8.9 later) and they lead to ad.fly, i skip ad and it opens the exact same page I downloaded it from that says OptiFine. Please Help!

    • I’m having the exact same problem on any 1.10 downloads. Must not be ready for it but advertising to get clicks.

  21. Thank you for your mod<3
    Do you have plans for consider "renderPass" for minecraft 1.7.10?
    There is in mcpatcher but not in Optifine.
    I want to use it:)

  22. Please Help Me when I first got on to my world it was fine but then I started to notice that it was only turning nighttime for me so I turned off my shaders in the options tab and still the same thing but when I got on to normal no optifine with shaders 1.9 version it worked fine please fix this bug 🙁 PLEASE NOTE I AM USING THE 1.9 OPTIFINE WITH SHADERS MOD.

  23. it said it has 1.8.4 i cant see it and i need it for my map i got 🙁 please tell me when they make 1.8.4 version.

  24. Would you guys just all… stop… WHINING!!!!!! The creator won’t be looking at unhelpful comments. There’s an old saying: If you have nothing good to say, then just don’t talk, ok?!

  25. So… If i use Optifine i cant use Forge… If i cant use forge i cant use ANY mod? Tell me when you make an optifine that actually be usefull, i rather play with my 30 FPS with all the mods than 150 FPS but no mod at all.

  26. Optifine doesnt work with Forge. No forge = No mods. I rather play with 30 fps and 20 mods than 150 fps and no mods at all… Tell me when optifine becomes usefull, thank you haha.

  27. Thank you for all your work on this!

    I do have a feature request though: More post processing AA options that are not FXAA, preferably a temporal AA method to catch temporal AA. Maybe CMAA is possible?
    I cannot link the article. If you search google for conservative morphological anti-aliasing intel, you will find an article that describes the method and a link to a demo with shader code.

  28. omg this is amazing hust kidding i hate it this keeps crashing wait i was useing forge lol i am a ididot LOL so thx for this optofine bla bla bla thing its better then a mod

  29. Hey, how can I zoom up with this optifine? As far as my memory goes, I was able to zoom with ctrl, but now it ain’t possible.

  30. >>> click on any of the download links
    >>> once at the website, click “downloads” at the top
    >>> scroll until you find your desired version

    hope this helps!!!

  31. Joke’s on the page creator for the click bait R.E. 1.12, I have ad-block and only remove it for people whom deserve it 😀

  32. (Basically same as User)

    You censor the actual word. DUH! P.S. there may be lil’ kids on this so actually censor the word next time -,-

  33. This app would be great if you could actually download it, it is vclear your motive is to sell ads, no matter what you do everytime you click download you are sent to another ad. Thanks for nothing

  34. Hello, after i installed the Optifine MOD, my minecraft started to run smooth without Lags.
    Thank you for that.
    Howevwe, my game is mute.
    How to solve? I want to hear the game… :/

  35. Optifine is overrated stuff in Minecraft 1.12. Because mapmakers can put the loop commands into functions instead of command blocks from now on and subsequently use few redstone circuits (so less light changes wasting your RAM). It’s so weird that some guys are obsessed with simple graphics and trying to increase FPS just for nothing by decreasing render distance.


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