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GLSL Shaders Mod

The GLSL Shaders mod is a simple thing. For people who become bored with the flat and unrealistic shades, shadows and other lighting effects in Minecraft, a mod like this is the perfect addition to the game. Not only does it allow for truly smooth lighting, shadows that reflect the shape creating them and other helpful effects, but it is also easy to install and compatible with a lot of other mods. You won’t understand what a big deal the compatibility is unless you’ve been modding Minecraft for a long time. Many mods can totally break the game when you try to use them in tandem, so this is a nice touch.





The thing about the GLSL Shaders is that it can be pretty demanding. Players will need a powerful graphics card to render the textures and lighting effects with Shaders enabled, which is just a little crazy when you consider the blocky and basic nature of Minecraft as a whole. Users are recommended to pick up Minecraft Forge or FML to make installation and use of this mod easier. You should also be on the lookout for the GLSL Shaders mod to help make this one work. To improve the visuals in Minecraft instantly, get this mod.

How to install Shaders Mod?


  1. Just Download the Shaders Mod installer and open it.
  2. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select the 1.8-ShadersMod profile!
  3. There should be “Shaders…” button in the Options screen.

Forge version (recommended)

  1. Download & install the Forge.
  2. Copy ShadersMod-v2.4.11mc1.8.jar to .minecraft/mods folder or mods/1.8 subfolder.

List of the best shaders:

Download GLSL Shaders Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 karyonix is the creator of GLSL Shaders Mod

📣 About Project

Developer karyonix
Published📅 Jun 30, 2021

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Comments (275)

not all of my textures work for the texturepack and i also dont know how to install a shader.
so i installed all the 3 photorealism texturepack but not all the blocks have a new texture when i load it up. i play in 1.12 BUT i loaded mc up in 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 and none of them work to have all textures. obsidian doesnt work, sandstone doesnt and quite a few others. plz tell me how to get them all to work. i have even place them all in the right order purple, red, blue and nothing works. plz helppp

Shaders mod for Minecraft it not only possibly one of the most unique, and extraordinary mods of all time; but it is also perhaps a very long awaited, fully developed, and well created mod in which implements spectacular shading and environmental animations to your game of Minecraft.

Using this Shaders Mod with my 980 Ti works well, getting approx. 80 fps with every video setting to the max (Except for Render Distance which is at 16) but, my only complaint is that the 980 Ti can reach temperatures as high as 80c. Still beautiful 😀

I want to know how to get the GLSL shaders mod for 1.11.2, i see no download link anywhere, and I have been searching for a while… Could someone help? If not… I’ll see if youtube can help me

Shaders mod for Minecraft it not only possibly one of the most unique, and extraordinary mods of all time; but it is also perhaps a very long awaited, fully developed, and well created mod in which implements spectacular shading and environmental animations to your game of Minecraft.

Comment:I have big problems anyone can resolve my problem when i applying Shader mod the java says Java (TM) SE binary has stopped working??can someone help me?? 🙁 btw i using Minecraft 1.10.2 w/Forge and Optifine..pls Fast reply 🙁

Hm, I have’t seen this problem in the comments section so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. It’s not a big problem but every time I run my shaders (sildur’s enhanced default) my skin reverts to Steve. I’ve tested it and when I remove shader’s mod my skin goes back to normal. I’ve tried other skins as well but it’s always Steve unless the shaders mod is removed from my mods folder. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thank you!

it works perfectly on my Nvidia 660 ti , i use unlimited frames and 32 chunks rendering full rendered shaders, shadows, and others make sure you have nvidia 600 or nearby GPU!

Has anyone seen the ShadersMod for 1.10. Been looking around and people claim they have it but I’ve seen nothing. Guess I have to wait a little whiles longer.

hey tried downloading these shader’s and my game crashes whenever trying to load up. (when press play) have forge installed and im using 1.7.10
have a 64 bt computer and as far as graphics go it does well so really don’t think that’s the issue. m assuming maybe the shaders conflict with one of my mods since i have 42 but m not sure which one/ones.
all my mods work well and was wondering f you or someone could take a loo at my crash report for me? would really help me out and would be really appreciated!

It seems shaders dont like me because when i go on minecraft it says loading modsa and stuff but goes back to the launcher. Can u help me!!!


When i Play with the 1.8 shaders mod and im on the main tittle Screen i cant see the Minecraft logo its just Lava and Water blocks and when i wanna go on a multiplayer Server i Crash when i go on singlplayer world i Crash.. please help me.. D:

i have just downloaded forge 1.8.9 and optifine 1.8.9. then i downloaded the shaders mod and then the sonic ethers shaders pack. when i load up my game im just getting a error. HELP!

Gosh this is so annoying! I want to make a realistic modern city with Minecraft mods, I already have forge downloaded and I have a BUNCH of Mods installed, including the Shaders mod and Sildur’s Shaders (I use a Apple Desktop IOS) and right when I am logging into a world I can see my hotbar but then boom…. it crashes. Could it possibly be wrong with a different mod? Or is there a problem with the shaders themselves? Please tell me! I am desperate! Right now the ONLY thing that works is playing with Shaders on Optifine, and not on Forge. What could be wrong?

Hi, which version do I use if I have 1.8.8 and Forge? I also use Optifine. When I opened this GLSL it only gave me the option for using it with 1.8 or Optifine HD something.. So how do I make it to say forge?

I have a problem with the shaders. When I’m wearing an armor enchanting, the blocks or others items which are in my inventary, have a bug texture. Please help me, this bug is horrible :OO

guys…i have problem…i used with optifine..but evry time i opened mc …the letter start to get white bar? pls help

I had the problem with the white bars too. To get it to work, first you have to turn off Anti-Aliasing, Antistropic Filtering, Fast Render and Natural Texture in Optifine BEFORE you try to install the shaders. Then, restart it with the shaders and the shader pack and it should work.

Hi, I’m having a bit of a problem with my installation of this mod. I have moved the thing into the .minecraft folder, and I have started it (mind you, I did not turn on minecraft while I was starting my thing) It said ‘please do not turn on minecraft or minecraft starter’ or whatever. Then I was looking for my version of minecraft, turns out it was just blank? Please help!

Hello, I am trying to use this in 1.8 with the forge version, so I put GLSL shaders in the mods folder along with optifine, and it boots up nicely, but when I enter a world it Just flashes the screen rapidly and it stops when I press Esc. I have forge so that should work, but it won’t and i can’t find a solution online anywhere. I was eventually going to add liteloader with voxlemap to the mix but I’m not there yet. Any suggestions would help at this point…

If I have these specs:
AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor
Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB Superclocked Video Card
EVGA 500W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply
Corsair SPEC-01 RED ATX Mid Tower Case

What kind of fps would you say I’d be getting?

Hello, I have been all over the internet for a couple days now trying out different solutions to my problem but nothing has come close to working. My shaders mod apparently is causing my game to freeze and i have to force quit it. Ive tried updating graphics drivers, reverting drivers, all different versions of shaders and optifine, I dont know what to do. I really dont like playing minecraft if it doesnt ‘feel good’ to me as shaders makes it, so please if there is someone that has had this problem please help me out, thank you.

[SMC INF]Vendor : ATI Technologies Inc.
[SMC INF]Renderer : AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics
[SMC INF]Capabilities 2.0 2.1 3.0 3.2 4.0
[SMC INF]Framebuffer created.
[SMC INF]Reset model renderers
[SMC INF]Reset world renderers

[SMC WARNING]bad vertexCount

i have 3gb of ram and grafique card NVIDIA geoforce 7300SE/7200 GS and pentium DUAL CORE CPU 2.50GHZ processor .if this mods work in my pc ?and what the best performance for launch this mods?#please reply as soon as….thnx)

When I opened my MC with this mod installed (1.8 Forge Edition) it worked fine. However, all of the text (on the buttons like Singleplayer, Multiplayer, even the banner text) was a white block. Can anyone help??

I keep on getting a message in the logs about how using incremental cms is depreciated and I cannot get past the loading screen for any worlds. It flashes to the menu and then crashes the game. Anyone have a solution?!

I installed the 1.8 Forge version of it, put it into the “mods” folder with “Optifine” and start up minecraft with the “Forge” profile with the 1.8 forge version. I load into the start menu and instead of seeing the text (play, multiplayer…etc) there are white squares over them. Any help please?!

Hey I’m having some trouble with shaders, I’ve tried multiple different ones but each time I enable my shader in game, or attempt to join a world with them already enabled, my minecraft crashes. I am sure that it isn’t anything to do with my computer not being able to handle them because I’ve used them many times before. Here is my crash log:

So I had a problem no one else has had yet… I got this along with forge, then downloaded some of the reccomended shaders. My computer is above the level required for these shaders. Next I opened minecraft in the correct profile (forge) and the mod seemed to work, but when i turned on a shader nothing happened, it simply redrew evereything still in default. what caused this? i’m very confuzed

I’m having a problem, every time I load it (which I finally got past crashing point) It doesn’t load correctly. I’m pretty sure I’m using Forge to run it and when the map finally loads me in there are 7 screens to the bottom left corner descending from big to small. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with it and no idea how to fix it.


i had that problem with my old computer, if im correct, you are running a integrated card. most integrated cards will not handle shaders and do the multi schreen thing. check what your running.

Hi i followed the instructions and also watched a few youtube videos but whenever i hope it it says “Select Base Version’ and yet i can not select anything at all.


Guys if u cant instal it go to skydaz look up shaders mod then scroll down hit download here.exe if u have a windows the other one if u have mac and then wait 5 seconds or hit run which ever one comes up then hit install

With the 1.8 version, in the item menu, the equip area shows the durability bar as all black until you either pick it up (where it’s still super dim to see the status bar) or you place it back in the inventory boxes (where it turns back to normal). I hate to have to pick up each individual piece to check the durability level, especially that I play in an RP world that may not allow me to have time to stop and check them.

Also the text above the 2×2 crafting area is not showing clearly…. at least for my game it is not.

Friend, having read most of the other comments it seems my issue is unique. What I experience is most o my screen going black. I reckon this is because the actual view has been shrunk to a 3×5 inch rectangle in the bottom left, with 6 rectangles of exponentially diminishing size above it. I would post a screenshot but I can’t. Other than that bug, works beautifully. Now if only I had a monitor that was 300×500 inches.

I download the mod, but when i open it there isn’t anything in the tab?
i downloaded the mod a couple days ago, and i had to redownload MC. so when i tried to redownload the mod it wont show me the 1.8 option.

I think there is a problem of some kind with a clean installation of the shader mod after 1.8.3: When I launch the ShadersMod-2.4.11mc 1.8.jar file it can’t find the minecraft version and just display a white tab. The program worked fine with the 1.8.0 version in exactly the same configuration and installation directory. Mind that I use an Italian Win 8.1 OS and the only difference I can see is the naming of the “Users” directory which is named “Utenti”. I tried creating a new folder named “Users” in C: but it says the “Utenti” folder is already present and don’t allows me to create one, meaning common installation programs “should” identify it as “Users” anyway.
The “.minecraft” folder is inside the C:\Utenti\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
The game directory is in E:\Games\Minecraft
On the old 1.8.0 I did not noticed the problem with exactly the same configuration.
Mind that I could be wrong and the problem could be of a different nature.

Finally got it working on a MacBook Pro. I do not know the origin of the problem but I had been trying to get it working since it is out for Minecraft 1.8. I had to uninstall and install Minecraft from scratch. Then voila! I simply worked.

Hi, I was curious as to the state of the string of addons at this point and if it would be possible for me to install and use these in anything besides single player. I’m not really concerned with single player as I’m playing on minecraft realms with my friends and had heard about (and seen) how much of a drastic difference shaders have on graphics. I have a powerful enough machine that I would be able to run them, but every How To video that I’ve seen has been about implementing these through Forge and downgrading to 1.8, which wouldn’t be compatible with playing on a realm.

When I download the file and select it, and hit okay after the Launcher and the game are closed, where it says to select the Base thing, there’s nothing there. What’s up with that?

Hey, I’ve tried both 1.7.10 Forge and the 1.8 version and they both crash my minecraft when I try to activate a shaderpack. Is there a way to fix this? It used to work amazingly, but one day it just stopped working and crashing my minecraft. Please help asap, I miss shaders!

Hey I successfully downloaded it but I get these strange glowing boarders around individual boxes.

Seen in this picture here:
And here:

I was wondering if there was a fix for this. Other than this minor issue everything works perfectly!

Does this mod require an insane GPU to run? I mean i got an AMD R9 280 and I only get around 15-20 fps. But i can run graphics/shaders mods on Skyrim with no noticeable performance decrease.
Just wondering if I installed it wrong or something…

I love GSLS Shaders!

Did find a small problems though. Dark Oak Planks, when places in the world, don’t seem to light up when a Torch is placed nearby but do get lit up when a player is holding the Torch. I am not sure if this is a problem on my end or with the mod. Its not a huge deal, just thought I’d let someone know.


I’m having a bit of trouble opening this Mod. Whenever I try to run Minecraft with the new profile and version, my screen is stuck on the launcher and wont go any further.

The last message it says on my launcher is

[15:24:30] [Client thread/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.1

Could I get some help?

I want to install shaders for 1.8 with the installer, but I want to install it in a different folder besides the .minecraft folder, is there a way to do this?

I get an openGL crash with this + SEUS Ultra (latest version)

I can get in game for about a minute before it crashes and gives me a generic openGL crash error

Latest Nvidia Drivers

2xGTX780 in SLI

4820k @ 4.75ghz (very stable!)

8GB of DDR3 RAM also super stable.

Win 8.1 Pro x64

Any clue why I’m having this issue? Looks great for that minute or so =P

My game crashes when trying to open any world with any shader, so I think its not about the shaders… Error report says: “Failed to write core dump. Mini dumps are not enabled by default on client versions of windows”, so do I have to go digging in my system. (funny detail: compressed oops :’D )

I’ve installed it correctly, don’t tell me I haven’t, I choose a shader go to load my world and simply gets stuck on “building terrain” loading screen and then crashes after a while

Any help thoughts would be appreciated, Cheers in advance 🙂

it annoying that it says its an installer on this page and on the file, and the only thing that opens in on my pc is winrar that is not an freaking installer
so how does this even work i am trying to get it on mc 1.8

Intaler is anoing for 1.8 , I cant change where to intall it , and I cant use it with any mods, “not compatible with Forge” ….. and cant use with MMC like before, it makes lots of ppl not to use it !

ok, so i got it to work and everything, but in the water are some weird moving black textures and i tried changing the shader and the shader setting to no prevail. mostly because its still in beta correct? thats the only bug i found. everything else works like a charm 😀

It works nicely for me, but there’s a bug : chunks behind the player are not rendered in the shadow map pass,
so when you’re back to a wall with the sun behind the wall, the wall doesn’t project its shadow in your view

I can’t get these shaders to work with Minecraft Realms. It keeps telling me my client is outdated. Can anyone point me to a fix or some sort of solution? I’m using the non-Forge version if it’s of any significance.

So, I am having -grand- luck. I followed the instructions. I even put the shader into the proper folder. I upload it. I get to see pretty for about 5 seconds before it white screens and crashes on me. I even tried using a lower level of the mod.

I am playing 1.8.1 and I am using the most recent GLSL available.

I had the same problem and found out a way to fix it!
1. Run the launcher
2. On your profile, go to “Edit Profile”
3. At the “Use Version” drop down selection, select “release 1.8”
4. Run Minecraft

If you recently installed/reinstalled Minecraft, your previous versions are gone. You have to run that version of Minecraft at least once for the file to read that it is, in fact, 1.8.

I installed the 1.8 version just fine and it works but when I try to run a shaders pack it turns black and crashes. This happened before but I didn’t have a very good graphics card so I got a new one and it still does it. My graphics card is Saphire HD 7850. I just ubuntu/linux.

When I try opening any kind of the shaders my minecraft crashes..

I have an intel i7-4710HQ 8 cores 2.5Ghz and 12gb of ram
my graphics card is Intel HD graphics 4600

Sounds like not enough video ram. Integrated video ‘borrows’ a chunk of memory from ram, instead of having it’s own memory like a gpu. If it isn’t set to take enough (limited by the graphics chip, ram, os, and drivers), then the shaders will crash it. A shader is just a little script that takes some 3d triangle and messes with the colors or moves the corners around a bit. It farms this out to dozens/thousands of mini processors that each work one triangle at a time. Since they each need their own space to store and retrieve code/data, heavy shaders need a lot of ram. See if you can give more memory to the video drivers.

Problem: Signs render way too dark to be read. I’ve tried this even without running any aftermarket shaders (just running “none” or “internal”) and they still render too dark. When I go into my vanilla profile, it’s fixed, though, so… yeah. Bugsbugsbugs.
I’m running 1.8 and a GeForce GT610.

I love this mod, but I am experiencing some problems with missing textures with GLSL, Chest, armor, other players appear invisible. It could be the server, I’ve only used this mod in a server though and not singleplayer

I’ve noticed that my character’s left arm is gone along with the sheep texture (now I have walking wool) I’m not sure if this is just me, but it’s something I can live with.

Every time I open Minecraft after going into the 1.8 Shader profile everything just looks distorted and very zoomed in. What would you think is causing this?

It does the same thing for me, and it seems to move the menu up and to the right so cant access it without just escaping out.
AMD FX4300
8 Gb RAM
AMD HD 7770

Previous versions of the glsl shaders mod have worked perfectly for me

What did i do wrong, it crashes even before getting to the game menu, i’m using 1.8 and i installed optifine before this, but i thought there wouldn’t be any problem since shaders creates another profile. My computer isn’t very powerful but it should at least make it to the game menu right?

The 1.8 version of GLSL Shader Mod it not compatible with Forge or Optifine!

Hello there… If the 1.8 version is not compatible with Forge, why do you tell us how to install with forge? You should put a note on that version, so that we won’t waste our time by trying to install with Forge.
So, for 1.8 we have to decide if we will use mods or shaders? No way to use both?

This doesn’t work with 1.8. Followed the instructions and the only shaders available are none and internal.

1.8 Minecraft

As you can see in the picture, is the use Minecraft 1.8 in picture!

hey so i am using a macbookair and minecraft runs like a charm but i have followed all the instruction and this just doesn’t work i click shaders in the choice section and all it does is reload the world.

hi, i’ve tried it, i did a clean install of minecraft, downloaded and install this shaders mod, and used seus shaders from above link, but the blocks (especially sands) have some kind of diagonal line on shadowy place, also not all the leaves are animated.
previously i used the forge and optifine version for 1.7.10 and works flawlessly.
am i did something wrong or there’s any step that i miss? thx

I Am Using Amd 14.9 And Crash Game! I am used 1.7.10 Please Help Me!

well, My problem is fixed as putting ONLY shaders mod in mods folder so now i have to go through the long process of trying to figure out what other mod its not getting along with.

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