Star Wars Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Some of the best custom Minecraft maps let players try something new in Minecraft without requiring a laundry list of different mods and loaders to work. Though they don’t add custom content to the game, they create new function with the content which already exists while dressing it up to look like something else. The Star Wars Adventure map is one of these maps, and it works perfectly fine without any mods at all. It looks best with the Mine Wars texture pack too, and you can find that through the map author’s website or a number of other sites, like Planet Minecraft.



While the scale of the map will appear massive at first, players will soon realize just how short their adventure really is. There’s a lot of flash but very little substance to the Star Wars Adventure map, which can effectively be played through in an hour or less. Quests include a hostage rescue mission, the repair of a generator and the use of cannons to destroy AT-AT walker. Despite the short duration of the map, it’s still lots of fun, especially for Star Wars fans who are always looking for new ways to destroy some of the Empire’s tech.


  • Save the hostages.
  • Repair the generator and start both canons.
  • Disable the AT-AT.

How to install Star Wars Adventure Map?

  1. Unzip the “” in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves for Windows.
  2. Have fun!

Download Links for Star Wars Adventure Map

Credit: Hypixel – Website:



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