Trance HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Trance HD resource pack is essentially a re-imagination of the Minecraft world that’s been crafted to give players a high definition experience to enjoy. In spite of the fact that there are multitudes of Minecraft packs available for players to enjoy, there’s no doubting that a lot of these packs tend to have the same pixelated visuals that Minecraft is known for. However, there are a few HD resource packs that have been designed to make the game look more lifelike, and Trance HD is among this particular line-up of packs. The pack surfaced only recently, but it’s become quite popular ever since its release because it’s already about to touch 2000 downloads.

The goal of the Trance HD resource pack is to make Minecraft look more lifelike and realistic and, while this might seem like a fairly ambitious goal considering the look of vanilla Minecraft, the pack actually succeeds in doing so. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous thanks to the extremely well-detailed textures and, on top of the insane level of detail, the pack features a top-tier color palette as well that synergizes near flawlessly with the design of the textures thereby giving players a visual experience that not many other resource packs can match.

It goes without saying that high definition packs require a high-end system to function properly and this is the case with Trance HD as well. The x256 resolution of this resource pack requires a high-end system so, if you utilize this pack on a system with low-end hardware, it’s quite likely that you’re going to run into a plethora of frame-rate issues that’ll hinder your experience.

Download Trance HD Resource Pack


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