Transportation Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

SoggyMoustache’s Transportation Mod is a very useful mod that makes getting around the Minecraft world quite simple and convenient. Normally, moving around the game world of Minecraft can become quite tedious unless you’re using something like a teleportation mod. Navigating to places on foot can be quite time-consuming and is just a very inefficient mode of transport. However, this won’t be an issue any long once you’ve applied the Transportation mod by SoggyMoustache. This mod adds lots of different vehicles into the game and you can use whichever of them fits your preferences to navigate around the game world quickly.

The vehicles added by SoggyMoustache’s Transportation mod are mostly cars and bikes of a different type. The vehicles look different and also have their own unique characteristics as well. Some are faster, some are maneuverable and these characteristics set them apart from one another. It’s worth mentioning that if you want to get from one place to another as quickly as possible, then you should probably use a car but if you more freedom while travelling then you should consider using a bike because bikes can often reach places that cars can’t get to due to their size.





The best part about SoggyMoustache’s Transportation mod is that it’s updated quite often and new vehicles are constantly being added to it. The creator has also listened to the demands of the mod’s users various times and has added vehicles that the people asked for. The mod’s pretty solid when it comes to compatibility as well since it can run with Minecraft versions 1.12.2, 1.10.2 and even 1.9.4. These are the Minecraft versions that players commonly use so it’s great that the mod works well with all of them. All said and done, this is a great mod that makes moving around the game world quite easy.

Transportation Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 Changelogs

  • Added Giant Hamster Ball.
  • Fixed crashing issue with wheel barrels (found by Kehaan).
  • Added new vehicle MaddieThea.
  • Added Bike With A Basket.
  • Added Minor Code Changes.



How to install Transportation Mod?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Put the mod’s .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

Download Transportation Mod


    • Selecciona la llave de el vehiculo (la encuentras en la seccion de vehiculos) en tu segunda mano y podras moverte con wasd

  1. I have tried the key in both hands and then what…nothing. Still can’t figure out how to drive the vehicles. Help would be appreciated please.

  2. Does it work or not, I want to know before i download it…. Please let me know if you find a car mod that actually works 😛 That would be awesome!! Thx


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