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Antediluvian Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

In spite of the low resolution found in the Antediluvian resource pack, many of the textures seen here actually look rather good. Maybe it has something to do with an increased level of detail coupled with a reduction in the number of colors per sprite – that’s an effect you will see many times in this pack. Then again, maybe it has something to do with the great level of detail which can be seen when the Alternate Blocks option is turned on in your game settings. This can literally be turned off and forgotten about in vanilla Minecraft, but this is one pack that will make you want to turn that feature back on again.



If you’re looking for a simple medieval themed resource pack, Antediluvian certainly has you covered. It adds a sense of uniformity to Minecraft by making many of the textures appear to be composed of smaller, similarly shaped pieces. That is, wooden planks actually look like a series of planks nailed together. Other textures like cobblestone look a little more random because they are made from an allotment of shapes and sizes all mashed together to create a single block. In these terms, the textures are actually quite varied in Antediluvian, though they do present an overall aged theme.



In fact, the textures have a surprising amount of detail. This was already mentioned once, but the fact such realistic and believable textures can be found in resource packs which are this basic is something that should serve as an inspiration to anyone else thinking of creating his or her own resource pack. If you do end up enjoying Antediluvian when playing the game or take some inspiration from it for your own work, be sure to drop the author a comment sometime.

Antediluvian Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs


  • Wool
  • Leaves
  • Bricks
  • Lapis block
  • Coal block
  • Podzol
  • Quartz

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Credit: Parka Steve

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