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CandyCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.9

The CandyCraft resource pack was actually the groundwork for this, CandyCraft: The Sweet Redemption. This is an extension of the original CandyCraft pack, and because of that, it has more blocks, more items and of course, more food for the player than you will find in the original pack. That’s right – unlike many other candy packs that just swap out some of the food items for candy, this pack takes things much further, getting rid of construction and building blocks and even making the water in the world look like big tub of sugary confectioner’s glaze. It’s still blue but it just looks thick.



If you’re looking for more information about CandyCraft: The Sweet Redemption, your best source will be the original CandyCraft pack page. You’ll quickly see that much of the world has been transformed into candy, with candy cane blocks being used to make buildings, patches of grass looking like piles of Smarties, pistons that look like taffy presses and more. The trees made from chocolate and decorated with bits of colorful candy chunks are a little over the top, but they do well to complement the rest of the resource pack. They seem excessive, but they still manage to fit right in.



That’s basically all there is here. Since CandyCraft: The Sweet Redemption is a resource pack and not a mod, you shouldn’t expect to see any blocks with new functrions. Sure, they look different, but they’re all the same old blocks you’re used to seeing, mining and building with, only they have new faces. Overall, there’s very little to get excited about with this resource pack. You could take it or leave it really.

How to install CandyCraft Resource Pack?

  1. Download the .zip file (Do not unzip)
  2. Navigate to your ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the .zip
  4. Load up Minecraft, click the resource packs button and click the pack.

Download Links for CandyCraft Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: OmniGlitcher

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