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Better HUD Mod for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2

The HUD of pretty much any game is generally one of its most important parts. Developers usually have to execute the design of the in-game HUD perfectly because it’s the first thing that players interact with. However, unfortunately, this hasn’t necessarily been the case in Minecraft. As enjoyable as the game is, the in-game HUD definitely seems like it could use a bit of polish in certain areas and, thankfully, the Better HUD mod does exactly this. It’s a top notch mod that implements a brand new HUD into the game that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the one in vanilla Minecraft.

Instead of revamping the in-game HUD entirely and implementing a new one, the Better HUD mod simply adds new elements to the vanilla HUD thereby making it a lot more intuitive to use. There are over twenty different elements featured in this mod that you can apply to your HUD. There’s a full-fledged compass, an FPS counter, a player counter, an item durability tracker, a weapon durability tracker as well as various other great things. The best thing about the Better HUD is the fact that each and every aspect of the mod is fully customizable so you can fine-tune the in-game HUD exactly according to your preferences by enabling only those items that you deem necessary.

Configuring the Better HUD mod is quite an easy task. All you have to do is press the configuration menu key, U by default, and you’ll open up an interface that has all the settings regarding the HUD. Through this interface, you’ll be able to disable or enable elements of the HUD according to your liking so, by the time you’re done with the customization process, you’ll have an in-game HUD that looks pretty much perfect. This is a mod that, all things considered, is a must have.

How to install Better HUD Mod?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Put the mod’s .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

Download Links for Better HUD Mod

for Minecraft 1.11

for Minecraft 1.10.2 / 1.9.4

Credit: NukeDuck – Original Thread on MinecraftForum

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