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Coal Mines Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.6

With its 16x resolution, the Coal Mines resource pack is one every Minecraft player should be able to use. Whether they would want to or not is another thing entirely. With some strangely flat textures that look like single colors stretched to fit a gradient, a few of the blocks just look like garbage with this pack installed. They’re common ones too, like grassy dirt. Granted, the view from above is a lot worse than the view from the sides, but most players are looking for an improvement over vanilla textures when they grab a resource pack, not flat, featureless stuff.





If you can get past the fact a few textures look like someone just clicked on something with a paint can tool in MS Paint, you’ll see some of the textures are actually very nice. Simple stone, for instance, looks a lot more like rock than the stone from vanilla Minecraft, which appears to be layered. Currently, all blocks have been finished, along with armors, icons and both items and particles. This resource pack is very thorough and changes the textures for pretty much everything in Minecraft, though it still leaves the clock and compass animations without any changes.





Because the Coal Mines resource pack is pretty new, missing textures wouldn’t really be a surprise. This pack is from one dedicated author though, and in just a month from the date the project was posted at Planet Minecraft the author has already replaced every texture and almost every animation in the game. Extra support and textures for specific mods and some other tweaks are planned for the future, but right now Coal Mines is a fully functional resource pack that is ready to be downloaded and installed.

Coal Mines Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.6 Changelogs

  • Added most of the paintings.
  • Added all items apart from compass and clock.
  • Tweaked colour on ores.
  • Tweaked lava animation.

Download Links for Coal Mines Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: rabiesguineapig – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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