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HelixCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Players seeking more uniformity in their Minecraft worlds will really like HelixCraft. Everything from the dirt to the sand to the trees looks like something put together piece by piece, rather than a single object with textures and identifying marks. For example, trees look like stacks of sticks arranged in the shape of a tree – they don’t actually look like trees but more like a hundred sections of wood pasted together to make one big piece. To be fair, trees are where you are going to see the major differences between vanilla Minecraft and Minecraft with this pack installed.





That doesn’t mean other textures fail to impress though. Lava looks especially good in HelixCraft, with animations and lighting effects that make it appear to be something entirely different. If you happen to spawn on a mountain or in a taiga biome, you’ll probably notice how snow-covered dirt doesn’t just run on and look like a giant patch of snow. With this pack installed, you will get a square outline on top of each block – even the ones that are covered in snow – and this can make your whole world look like some kind of giant chess or checker board. It’s a little dizzying the first time you see it.





If you can get other the little bits of strangeness here and there, HelixCraft is actually a decent resource pack. Its 32x resolution makes it usable by the majority of people who are playing Minecraft, and the fact it was designed specifically for Minecraft 1.8 means you won’t have any problems running it with other mods made for 1.8. To top everything off, there are still occasional updates being released for HelixCraft, so it’s still improving and getting better.

HelixCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Changed Nether Brick and Quartz textures.
  • Fixed All Ore textures.
  • Changed Stone texture.

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Credit: LordCakeThief

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