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HerrSommer Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

HerrSommer is the latest release of HerrSommer’s realistic resource pack. It is fully compatible with Minecraft 1.8, hence the number tagged onto the end of the pack’s name. Like the other versions of HerrSommer which came before, this one takes all the dull and flat textures for which Minecraft is famous and makes them into something beautiful to behold. Even common dirt and cobblestone look great with this resource pack enabled, but minor changes to the appearance of blocks throughout the world is just the start of what HerrSommer has to offer.







Additionally, players can look forward to a fully updated GUI and user interface which is much easier on the eyes and less difficult to read numbers on. Many items have upgrades graphics in the GUI as well as the world itself, so things stand out where they need to and blend in when that’s necessary too. Overall, HerrSommer modifies armor, in-game art, the font for chat, monsters, particle effect, terrain and more. It is a very thorough resource pack which makes changes to pretty much every aspect for Minecraft, and that alone is enough to make HerrSommer famous among other packs.








With a resolution of just 64x, HerrSommer is surprisingly small and accessible. In fact, most Minecraft players can utilize this resource pack without suffering from any performance issues. With nearly 200,000 downloads just from PMC alone, it is also one of the most requested resource packs anyone has ever produced. Last but not least, all the different types of villagers are much easier to tell apart with this resource pack enabled, because they don’t all have the exact same face. They still make the same sighing and huffing sounds though, so rely on appearances to find the ones you want.

HerrSommer Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs

  • Added nearly all 1.8 textures.
  • Biomecolors are still default.
  • Added ctm-support.
  • Corrected some small wrong pixels.

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for Minecraft 1.8.1

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