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LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.8.1

If you’re looking to reduce the lag on your Bukkit server, you have several options available. You could limit the total number of players online, or make rules against keeping extensive farms or spawners to help reduce the workload on your server. Or you could just grab something like the LaggRemover plugin to automate these tasks and take care of everything for you. Like ClearLagg, LaggRemover aims to reduce the load on your server by regularly performing a number of tasks according to a timeline you set using the plugin’s configuration file. It’s really very easy to set up.


According to the plugin’s author, you can go as far as cutting your RAM usage in half, just by installing LaggRemover. This is because it works differently than other plugins, even ClearLagg, which is probably the most famous of the bunch. Rather than dealing with the entities and items which populate a world, LaggRemover instead focuses on chunks – those 16 x 16 square block areas that make up every Minecraft world. To put it briefly, chunks without people in or around them won’t spawn mobs and will regularly remove any items left on the ground to reduce demands on the server.

If your server is facing a period of particularly high activity, you can also initiate the LaggRemover chunk clearing process with a simple command: /lr gc. That can cut the RAM currently in use by your server by half with just a few keystrokes, but naturally it works better if there are more people making demands on your server. For Bukkit admins who aren’t getting the lag reduction they want from ClearLagg and other plugins, LaggRemover would definitely be worth a try. You could even use it alongside those other plugins – no need to replace one with the other.

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • New permission lr.update, this allows a person to be notified when a new update is downloaded and ready to be installed. NOTE: This only happens if the new configuration option do-install is set to false.
  • Minor changes

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin Commands

  • /lr help [num] - Lists all commands in LaggRemover.
  • /lr lagg - Displays the servers TPS.
  • /lr ram [branch] - Generic ram info command.
  • /lr chunk [world] - Lists the number of chunks loaded in that world.
  • /lr master - Displays a lot of information about the world and server you are in.
  • /lr clear - Clears all items on the ground.
  • /lr clear warning - Warns players that items will be cleared in 60 seconds and then clears the items 60 seconds later.
  • /lr clear entity [type] - Clears all entities of that type.
  • /lr clear entity [type] warning - Clears all entities of that type 60 seconds after giving a warning.
  • /lr items - Lists the number of items in your current world to the number of items on the server.
  • /lr unload <world:none> - Unloads all chunks in a world that you specify.
  • /lr gc - One of the BEST commands in LaggRemover. This command unloads unnecessary items from RAM to increase your servers performance. Tests showed that it was able to decrease the amount of RAM being used by 50% when used at start up.

Download Links for LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin

for Minecraft 1.8.1

Credit: drew6017

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im just curiuos if there is anyway to run the command /lr gc automaticlly like laggclear. and if there isnt could you add it? (if there is no negative side effect for doing so)

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