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ParachutePlus Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.8

If you’re looking for a way to slow the falls of players and make long drops easier to survive, your server needs the ParachutePlus Bukkit plugin. That’s putting things fairly simply though – you can change up a number of settings using the plugin’s config file to get precisely the kind of parachuting experience you want. This plugin is excellent if you want to make a kind of base jumping map where people need to leap from building to building in a steady descent towards the ground. Just be careful about what buttons you press once you’re airborne so you don’t take a bad dive.


Once you jump off of a surface and start to fall, simply right click while holding the parachute to open it and start gliding rather than dropping. You can totally ditch the parachute and resume falling like normal by holding down the SHIFT key. It sounds like a bad idea, but this can actually be useful if you find yourself above a body of water, for example, and simply want to get down to the ground faster than everyone else. Alternatively, you can left click with that same parachute to turn it into an autoparachute, which will deploy itself once you fall past a certain threshold, 5 blocks by default.

Crafting the parachute is simple. A few blocks of wool, some sticks, wooden planks and an iron ingot are all you need to make one, so it’s relatively cheap and easy to carry several with you at a time. You can also give players access to the /parachute command so they can just type that in to get a chute as well, if you wish. That’s why this plugin is great if you want to make a sort of map where people need to make long jumps between buildings using a parachute.

ParachutePlus Bukkit Plugin Commands

CommandPermissionWhat it do
/parachute [Player]Parachute.getget your parachute
/parachutereloadParachute.reloadreloads the config
Parachute.useto activate your parachute

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