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LD Modern Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you’ve been looking for a decent resource pack to draw up a modern world or cityscape you’ve had burning a hole in your brain, you’re in luck. The LD Modern Pack is a great, modern resource pack that includes many textures which simply have a more modern look to them. For instance, cobblestone is replaced by blocks which actually look like a stack of bricks rather than a bunch of rocks glued together. In turn, the standard stone blocks all look significantly better than normal, and to be fair most of the stonework in Minecraft looks great when rendered in this resource pack.




Not all of the textures here are good though. In deserts especially, you’ll notice that some of the blocks just look too similar – sand in this case. It’s almost impossible to tell where one block ends and the next begins, except for when you run into a sudden elevation or decline and there is a rough edge there to remind you what you’re seeing. The water and its animations look great in the LD Modern resource pack, but to get the very most out of this pack you’ll probably want to run it alongside a decent shaderpack mod, anything to improve lighting and shadows.




Modern streets, architecture and glass can all be found in the LD Modern Pack. The goal of this pack is to allow you to create a modern city, maybe even recreate your own city in Minecraft if you happen to live in a large city. Even if you’re just messing around in single player and want your blocks to look different though, the LD Modern resource pack doesn’t fail to deliver on the changes it promises.

LD Modern Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added – Default Cake (Strawberry)
  • Added – Pizza (River Biome) WIP
  • Added – Chocolate Cake (Hell Biome)
  • Added – 2:1 Leaf/Grass
  • Added – 70:5 Tablet variations
  • Added – 70:6 Phone variations
  • Added – Electronica Sign 82:2 (Jungle biomes)
  • Added – Cobblestone Road Snow 78:8-15
  • Added – All the ores to fit with new stone – Coal, Iron ,Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond
  • Added – 30:1 Cans (Frozen Ocean biome)
  • Added – 30 :1 Beer bottles (Frozen River biome)
  • Changed – Stone Slab to have to cracks
  • Changed – Keyboard to have directions via biomes
  • Changed – Pumpkin
  • Changed – Jack o’Lantern

Download Links for LD Modern Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Lord Dakr

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