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Oblivion the Skeleton Cat Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.4

Many resource packs focus on making Minecraft look like something else by changing most or even all of the vanilla textures to new versions and looks. Sometimes, you run into a pack which does very little though – as little as changing the look of a single block, item or entity. Oblivion the Skeleton Cat is a resource pack which only changes one thing in all of Minecraft, that being the tamed ocelot creature. While it won’t do anything with wild ocelots which normally run from the player on sight, the ones the player tames will lose their skin and meat, leaving behind a cat made of bones.


This is a nice resource pack if you’re looking to add a kind of Halloween theme to your server. It works wonderfully alongside other packs which do similar stuff, like the Skeleton Dog pack which does the same thing to tamed wolves. While Oblivion the Skeleton Cat changes the appearance of a tamed ocelot, it doesn’t do anything to the animal’s sound bites, and you might find yourself a little creeped out by the cat meowing and purring despite having no insides. That’s one of the major reasons this pack is great in a haunted house setting.


With no custom sounds or animations and only one modified sprite pack, Oblivion the Skeleton Cat comes in at a very manageable resolution of 16x. Anyone could use it if they wanted to, which is always a good quality for a resource pack. Since all the other textures remain the same and ocelots aren’t exactly common even in their home jungle biomes, you could totally forget about having this resource pack installed until you tame one and its skin and organs suddenly melt. That’s a little scary too.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: GAxel109 – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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