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Zane Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.4

The Zane resource pack is one which proves that major improvements on Minecraft textures do not necessarily require a resource pack to have a humongous resolution. 128x is a nice, right-in-the-middle kind of size, neither too large nor too small and accessible to the majority of people playing Minecraft. However, it’s not just loaded with new textures just to look different. Whoever designed this resource pack was smart because they put off any upgrades to textures which would really hurt performance while doing little to improve the look of the game.



You’ll see this in grassy dirt, as well as the actual grass plant which grows on top of the dirt in some places. It’s the exact same grass texture you’d normally see in vanilla Minecraft, and that’s because improving it wouldn’t have done much good. Other textures like the various wood blocks and several types of bricks look like something out of a comic book, or more specifically, something animated using cell shading. This is a technique which is still popular because it allows for an amazing amount of detail without demanding a great deal of resources to render the textures.



The Zane resource pack is loaded with bright colors, sharp edges and lots of contrast. Even in a single block you’ll usually find two or even more colors which are rigidly separated from each other rather than integrated together. The result creates a nice visual effect even when you’re building homes out of a single block type. New textures are still on the way for Zane, so those items which either don’t look good now or don’t look any different from normal vanilla textures might get a facelift before this resource pack is finished.

How to install Zane Resource Pack?

  1. Download the resource pack, using the link below.
  2. Download the HD patcher for MineCraft.
  3. Run the patcher after downloading and press ‘patch’.
  4. Put the resource pack into the ‘resource packs’ folder, located where all your other Minecraft documents are.
  5. Open Minecraft and select it from the ‘resource packs’ menu.

Download Links for Zane Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: D7470

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