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Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

Fans of the Bioshock series will immediately recognize the font used in Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco resource pack, which was designed specifically to give Minecraft a steampunk look. The pack was actually made to go along with a custom map by the same author, the Underwater City Aquain. It looks great with the target map of course, but if you also plan to do some building below the surface of the water or you want to make something on the land that rivals the bustling but primitive cities of the 1950s, this pack can help you to do it.











By replacing nearly all of Minecraft’s standard textures with new imagery inspired by the Art Deco movement, Steampunk fantasy, the Futurism of the 50s and other elements, Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco resource pack does an excellent job of making Minecraft look like a totally different game. Sure, some of the textures are still the same, like tree blocks. But even the wood planks made from those old blocks have a new and improved look thanks to the boosted resolution. Though there are many positive things to say about it, this resource pack also has some glaring flaws.

For one, several of the painting images have been ripped from the game, but replaced with text used as filler! Some of the paintings have new images, but why would the creator of this pack remove the other images if there was nothing to replace them with? It’s kind of annoying, especially for those who like to dress up their homes with lots of art. Other textures which could have been improved, like chests, were untouched. Overall it’s still a pretty nice change of appearance for Minecraft.

Download Links for Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco Resource Pack

Info: You absolutely NEED MCPatcher or Optifine for the texture pack to work correctly. Install one of those mods before using the pack.

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: OzzyKP – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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