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Realistic Swag Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

There are countless resource packs for Minecraft which aim to make the graphics in the game look more realistic. They do this by mottling textures, or adding new colors to gradients, or creating a layering effect using different shades on the same block to make things look like they are 3D. The Realistic Swag Pack is just another example of these types of packs. It isn’t complete yet, but the author is taking many steps in the right direction with this pack. For one, the water has been made clear, so players can see right to the bottom of rivers and even some lakes.


While it still won’t let them see the bottom of the ocean from the world’s surface, the Realistic Swag Pack does some other things very right. Without making Minecraft look like a drastically different world, this pack manages to upgrade many of the vanilla blocks, items and other graphics. The universal resolution for all textures in the pack is at 128x, which is a whopping 8 times higher than the standard 16x resolution vanilla Minecraft uses. This means you get 8 times as many pixels per block, and that is a significantly enhanced level of detail for all the classic blocks.


On a related note, the Realistic Swag Pack was made using Minecraft 1.8, so it works best with Minecraft versions 1.8.x. With 1.9 expected to come out some time in the next few months, Minecraft will see a large update and this resource pack, along with many others, may cease to work. You can always dial your game version back through your player profile if you want to keep using packs, mods and even plugins which have been outdated though.

Realistic Swag Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Adjusted tools, weapons, bows, & fishing rods.
  • Included missing blocks, such as jukeboxes, Redstone lamps, etc.
  • Improved weapons- swords & bows.

Download Links for Realistic Swag Resource Pack

Note: This pack is meant to be played with Shaders. Otherwise, the simplicity would overlook the theme!

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Noxie – Website:

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They wont tell you how to tell. All they do is just putt the links for the “download” so you can download something eals.

ps: Sory I don’t know how to spell eals.

I LOVE this texter??? pack. but i dont have a computer with minecraft on it. 🙁 (i know my dad wont get it for me) but i do have an IPOD with minecraft on it. :3 yaaaaaaay thank you for making the texter (i dont know how to spell it) pack.

thanks x3

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