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Realistico Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

There are few resource packs which take Minecraft’s resolution to the highest possible level. Mostly this is because the majority of players can’t play the game when using big, beefy packs. That doesn’t stop them from coming out every now and then though. The Realistico resource pack features a 512x resolution which allows for truly realistic textures – not stuff that people think looks realistic, but stuff which actually does appear to be real. 3D models, special lighting and shading effects and other features of this pack make Minecraft look amazing, but there is a cost to using this pack.



The special bump mapping which gives textures their characteristic look in Realistico will require your computer to work much harder than it normally does to run Minecraft. Unless of course you regularly use 512x resource packs when playing, in which case the only difference here will be the textures. This pack is a major work in progress, but it’s coming along rather well, with a solid half of the blocks, items and other textures in Minecraft being replaced already. The finished pack is supposed to work with Minecraft 1.8, but it might not be completed until after 1.9 is released.



That’s easy enough to work around by simply turning back your Minecraft client to an earlier version, so don’t let it put you off of downloading and trying this pack. If you do plan to try Realistico, you’ll need Minecraft Forge installed and working, along with Optifine to get the improved skies and connected glass textures. The bump mapping also requires Optifine to render correctly, so if you don’t have that, a lot of the textures in this resource pack are going to look flat and dull compared to how they should appear.

Realistico Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Working on a new format.
  • Working on the 128x version.
  • Testing new bump mapping.
  • Creating new screenshots.

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