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RetroCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Fans of the way Minecraft used to look back in its beta stages will probably love the RetroCraft resource pack. It brings back many of the old textures which have been updated and made to look different over the years. Granted, it gives the entire game a basic look, sort of like an unfinished product that still needs work. But some players actually prefer that sort of thing, so this pack would be perfect for them. Naturally RetroCraft has a resolution of 16x, so if you can boot up and play Minecraft now then you should be fine with the pack installed and enabled.



That’s basically all there is to RetroCraft. It brings back that classic look and feel of Minecraft while allowing players to continue enjoying all the improved and updated aspects of the game since those times. That means horses, the new flowers, special mine rail and other things will look a little out of place when put alongside the simplified beta textures, but if you can get around that then what you’ve got here is a solid, old-school type of resource pack. It’s perfect for implementing in an online server and making your players feel like they’ve taken a step back in time.



Though the game will look rather old, you have to remember you’re still playing the latest version of Minecraft. That means you can do things like go to the Nether, brew potions, battle bosses like the Wither and the Enderdragon and more. Many of those textures also look like they normally do since they weren’t a part of classic Minecraft. Really, stepping into the Nether is like going forward in time since practically everything there looks better than in the normal overworld.

How to install RetroCraft Resource Pack?

  1. Download the resource pack.
  2. Go to the location of the downloaded file.
  3. Right click the file, and select cut. (Shortcut is Ctrl + X)
  4. Open Minecraft – Click Play – Options – Resource Packs – Open Resource Pack Folder.
  5. Right click a blank area of the folder and click paste. (Shortcut is Ctrl + V)

Download Links for RetroCraft Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: AlienJordanwolf – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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