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Rise of Tredonia Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4

If you’ve ever wondered what the real difference is between lower and higher resolutions for textures in Minecraft, the Rise of Tredonia resource pack will be an educational experience for you. Because it comes in four different resolutions, it’s very easy to see the differences between lower and higher resolutions and the effects these have on the quality of textures. This is not something you just can do with vanilla Minecraft, nor with any “faithful” resource packs, since those are all changed as well. So this pack is good if you’re wondering how resolutions affect texture quality – but what else?




Well, the Rise of Tredonia resource pack actually looks pretty good on top of that. Naturally, the higher resolution versions look even better, but there are lots of Minecraft players who can’t handle resource packs with 512x resolution. Thankfully this pack goes as low as 64x, which is still a little high for some people. It has a sort of steampunk look to it, with some villagers who appear to have metal and gears making up half of their heads, and mobs which can be very frightening, especially the iron golems walking around with live furnaces in their chests.




This is one of the most thorough resource packs you can find for Minecraft in terms of how it changes the textures for blocks, items and mobs alike. There doesn’t seem to be any part of Minecraft that isn’t changed by the Rise of Tredonia resource pack, so if you’re looking for something to totally change up the imagery in your world, this could be just the pack you want. Really, you need to try it out and see it for yourself to fully appreciate it.

Rise of Tredonia Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4 Changelogs

  • Added Nether Quartz Ore
  • Added Nether Quartz
  • Added Block of Redstone
  • Added Daylight Detector
  • Added Hopper GUI
  • Added Comparator (On and Off)
  • Added Nether Brick

Download Links for Rise of Tredonia Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.6.X

Credit: SkyChaseZone

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