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Skyward Sword Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

When most Legend of Zelda fans thinks of cell shading animation, Windwaker is the entry in the series which comes to mind. Windwaker was famous back in the heyday of Gamecube for being one of the best looking games of the time. However, this Skyward Sword resource pack also features some cell shading, making it look like perhaps the pack was named incorrectly. People who have played Skyward Sword will recommend some imagery from the game in this resource pack though, so the name is certainly correct. Chest graphics, for example, are ripped right out of Skyward Sword.





Unfortunately, the Skyward Sword pack is still young and unfinished. Or perhaps this is actually fortunate for you if you would rather watch something amazing as it is developed. The pack even features custom sounds processed to have that classic Minecraft audio quality – you can still tell what they originally sounded like on Skyward Sword though. With a 32x resolution, this pack features plenty of textures with a greater level of detail than you’ll normally see in Minecraft. Even the rupee items which replace various ores have facets to them, making them look 3D and realistic, like carved stone.





There are many good things about the Skyward Sword resource pack, but surprisingly there is very little negative to say about the pack. Some of the textures are kind of silly, like the giant goddess harp which replaces the jukebox, but when you consider the source material for the pack and how it’s trying to make Minecraft look like a Legend of Zelda game, these odd textures are acceptable. For Legend of Zelda fans, this is a resource pack worth adding to your collection today.

Skyward Sword Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Fixed the bow texture, now looks normal.
  • Added arrow texture.
  • Added texture for trapped and ender chests.
  • Added potion textures.
  • Added GUIs for Furnaces and Crafting Tables.

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Credit: zOmBiLoRd

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