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These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2

These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s Resource Pack is going to be the perfect pack for players who are fans of the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. In case you don’t know what Five Nights at Freddy’s is, it’s basically a horror game series that has offers some of the memorable moments in the entire horror genre. There have been many resource packs inspired by this particular series and These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s is one of these. It’s a high-quality pack that does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the popular game series and bringing it within Minecraft.




In These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s, you’ll find many great stuff that’s been taken directly from the game series. The pack features 3D heads of all the scary characters from the series, the iconic TV that you’ll probably have memories of if you’ve played the games, almost all the stuff that the in-game factory consisted of and, on top of all this, the pack even manages to import those very specific doors and roads from Five Nights at Freddy’s The quality of the textures is absolutely top notch and it’s pretty clear the lot of effort went into designing this pack.




These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s Resource Pack has a resolution of 32×32, so it probably isn’t the pack you should go for if you’re looking for a something really high definition. However, if you aren’t really worried that much about the resolution and just want something that captures the essence of the popular horror game series near perfectly then this particular pack is hands down the perfect choice.

How to install These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s Resource Pack?

  1. Start Minecraft.
  2. Click “Options” in the start menu.
  3. Click “resource packs” in the options menu.
  4. In the resource packs menu, click “Open resource pack folder”.
  5. Put the .zip file you downloaded in the resource pack folder.

Download Link for These Fine Nights at Fredbear’s Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.10.X

Credit: TeamXtraction

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This is very detailed, but a lot of it is buggy. I placed the Unfinished Chica Mask, and I could see partly through the world. I really like this, but like I said, it’s a bit buggy.

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