Angel of Vengeance Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

Angel of Vengeance is a pretty high-quality mod that revolves primarily around magic and healing. You’ll probably recognize the features and functionality of this mod if you’ve played as a healer in MMORPGs before. The goal of a healer, in almost all MMORPGs, is to heal other players who are in need while simultaneously taking down undead beings because healers are usually quite strong against mobs of the undead type. The Angel of Vengeance mod implements the same functionality to Minecraft so, if you’ve ever wanted to play as a healer in the world of Minecraft, this mod will allow you to do exactly that.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Angel of Vengeance isn’t just limited to healing because the mod also has two other classes to use. The three classes in total include the Healer, Caster and, finally, the Defender. Each class has its own unique characteristics and skill-set, so you’re bound to find on that fits your play-style. It’s worth mentioning, though, that each of these classes shares one similarity and this similarity is the ability to heal allied units and also the ability to deal an insane amount of damage to mobs that are of the undead type.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Angel of Vengeance mod is the fact that it comes with a full-fledged progression system that’s highly reminiscent to the systems that we’re used to seeing in a lot of MMORPGs. As you progress through the game with this mod applied, you’ll be able to gain experience, and through this experience, you’ll be able to use your abilities. It’s important to remember that experience actually decays upon using abilities, so you’ll need to make sure that you don’t spam them because you’ll run out of experience otherwise.

Angel of Vengeance Mod Update Logs

  • Fixed ANOTHER display issue with level ups
  • Added two config options
    • Recharge: This allows you to recharge your ability charges over time in seconds (NOT ticks), this is set to -1 by default which disables this.
    • Experience: This allows you to gain experience in the mod using vanilla experience orbs. This is disabled by default.

How to install Angel of Vengeance Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer, open it and install.
  2. Open the Minecraft launcher and select Forge in the profile list.
  3. Click Edit Profile and then Open Game Dir, this opens the game folder.
  4. Create a new folder called mods.
  5. Download the mod and put it into the mods folder.

Download Angel of Vengeance Mod

TypeNameSizeUploadedGame VersionDownloads


AoV-1.12-0.8.14.jar 3270389 Aug 10, 2018 1.12.2 +3 3,336


AoV-1.12.1-0.5.1.jar 716847 Aug 18, 2017 1.12.1 647


AoV-1.12-0.4.1.jar 717090 Jul 3, 2017 1.12 5,539


AoV-1.10.2-0.2.5.jar 720076 Jun 5, 2017 1.10.2 +1 5,694


AoV-1.11.2-0.2.5.jar 720273 Jun 5, 2017 1.11.2 +1 3,848
Developer: Tamaized CurseForge


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