Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Minecraft 1.11 Maps

levels map

30 Levels Map for Minecraft 1.11

30 Levels is a feature rich parkour map that’s been designed to keep players entertained from start to finish. As fun as most traditional Minecraft parkour maps are, one problem that exists in a...
warthford map

Warthford Map for Minecraft 1.11

Warthford is a fascinating and captivating adventure map in which players will have to race against the clock in order to reach their goal or they’ll have to face some pretty severe consequences. The...
the teleport paradox  map

The Teleport Paradox 3 Map for Minecraft 1.11

The first two Teleport Paradox maps have definitely been some of the most innovative and immersive adventure maps to come out for Minecraft in recent times. This series has definitely raised the bar for...
the worlds hardest puzzle map

The World’s Hardest Puzzle Map for Minecraft 1.11

The World’s Hardest Puzzle Map will give you pretty much everything that its name implies. Puzzle maps in Minecraft have always had a reputation of being challenging because they feature very creative puzzle sequences...
mr riddle map

Mr.Riddle Map for Minecraft 1.11

Mr.Riddle is a map that’s going to have you absolutely hooked if you enjoy solving riddles that are confusing and mysterious. Mr.Riddle has been made by NICO_THE_PRO who’s designed many high-quality maps prior to...
custom boss collection ii map

Custom Boss Collection II Map for Minecraft 1.11

Custom Boss Collection II is a thrilling map that puts tons upon tons of Minecraft’s iconic bosses into one single package and allows players to take them all on, one after the other. Being...
mystford map

Mystford Map for Minecraft 1.11

The Mystford map came out fairly recently, and it’s already proven itself to be one of the most engaging and captivating adventure maps of recent times. The map has without a doubt the largest...
halloween hunt map

Halloween Hunt Map for Minecraft 1.11

With Halloween just around the corner, there simply could not be a better time to release a map like Halloween Hunt. The map is without a doubt one of the most exhilarating and thrilling...
intergalactic map

Intergalactic Map for Minecraft 1.11

Adventure maps in Minecraft, especially the ones that have been surfacing recently, have a reputation of providing thrilling and immersive experiences that get their players hooked from the very beginning to the very end....