Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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ultimate slime challenge map

Ultimate Slime Challenge Map for Minecraft 1.12

Ultimate Slime Challenge is a map that makes the most out of the slime based parkour gameplay mechanics that Minecraft has to offer in order to give players an engaging and intense experience that...
the mosaic museum map

The Mosaic Museum Map for Minecraft 1.12

The Mosaic Museum is an exceptional parkour map that promises to deliver players an extraordinary experience that’s unlike anything they’ve seen before in parkour maps. As fun as parkour maps are, one thing that...
leps quest map

Lep’s Quest Map for Minecraft 1.12

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Minecraft map releases that are inspired by holidays and 2017 is no different. Lep’s Quest is a map that’s been inspired by St. Patrick’s Day which...
the pack parkour map

The Pack Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.12

The Pack Parkour is an intense parkour map that doesn’t do anything revolutionary or out of the ordinary but is still more than worth trying out because it features top tier level design and...