Vein Miner Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2


If you’re looking for a way to speed up mining in Minecraft but you don’t want to break the game with robots, servants or other additions which automate all the tasks for you, there is an option you may not know yet. The Vein Miner mod speeds up mining by breaking all blocks of a certain type which are connected to the block you’ve just broken. That might sound confusing, but it’s really not. Let’s say you find a coal vein and start chopping with your pickaxe – the first block of coal you break will break all other blocks of coal connected to it in the vein.




Once the entire vein has been busted like this, the Vein Miner mod does you another favor and stashes all of the resources in your inventory as if you had walked around and collected all the drops yourself. Since ores typically come in veins of 8-16 blocks depending on the ore being mined, this can literally scrape 2 minutes out of every vein you mine. Mine ten veins and you’ve saved nearly a half hour of time – mine a hundred veins and we’re talking nearly three and a half hours of time saved. The more you mine, the more you save, but only after this mod is installed.

Once it is installed, you’ll need to fool around with the mod’s config file to set parameters. You can set Vein Miner to work when you mine while sneaking, or to not work at all if you feel like turning it off for a time. Unlike other mods which work fine online without being installed on the server, you must have the Vein Miner mod installed on your own client as well as the server’s client before it will work in online play. It works perfectly fine in single player though.

Vein Miner Mod Update Logs

  • Catch a potential NPE when veinmining.
  • Allow access to config GUI when not in any game.

How to install Vein Miner Mod?

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest mod version for your Minecraft version.
  3. Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.


Download Vein Miner Mod

TypeNameSizeUploadedGame VersionDownloads


VeinMiner-1.12- 128682 Feb 5, 2018 1.12.2 +5 285,409


VeinMiner-1.11- 128534 Feb 5, 2018 1.11.2 +4 9,068


VeinMiner-1.9- 128431 Feb 5, 2018 1.10.2 +6 122,246


VeinMiner-1.12- 128041 Jul 27, 2017 1.12 +1 3,354


VeinMiner-1.8.9- 122005 Jun 17, 2017 1.8.9 +4 20,055


VeinMiner-1.11- 120171 Dec 22, 2016 1.11 +3 18,310


VeinMiner-0.33.1-1.9r554+da0f6cb.jar 119698 Jun 23, 2016 1.10 +5 19,931


VeinMiner-0.33.0-1.9r553+01919cc.jar 119698 Jun 18, 2016 1.9.4 +4 20,257


VeinMiner-1.7.10_0.32.0.unknown.jar 118748 Jun 16, 2016 1.7.10 +1 7,114
Developer: portablejim CurseForge


  1. You should balance the mod a bit and force the pickaxe to take the same amount of durability that it WOULD HAVE if you actually mined all of them. Unless it already does, though your description mentions nothing of it. Otherwise I kind of consider this mod a cheat mod, I don’t like installing those…

  2. Thanks. I need this to help me clear out a jungle biome, and I’m sure everyone knows how much a pain in the a** that is. 🙂

  3. There is a bug in version for 1.10.2 – both pressed and released key option mines on key release (and deactivates on key pressed).

  4. Is it possible to add the different hardened clay eg orange hardened clay to the pickaxe block list?

    and if yes how?

    • Yes, either on menu or in pause, go to Mods or Mod Settings, find VeinMiner, click config on it and select the pickaxe. Click on block list and type this in the text bar: minecraft:hardened_clay and click add. And wallah your done!

      **But you may want to lower to block mine limit. 100-200 Or you may crash your game or PC lol**


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