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Admin Commands Toolbox Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Running servers on Minecraft can be a rewarding experience. It teaches some fundamentals of operating servers which are good knowledge even for grade school kids. It also teaches things like how to build a website and advertise the server, as well as how to interact with other people, some of which might be customers. Running a server can be profitable too, if enough people are paying to play on it. There’s nothing easy about any of this, however. However, the Admin Commands Toolbox mod can help with some of the elements found on the server and in the Minecraft world itself.


Because there isn’t much support for the Admin Commands Toolbox mod yet, it only features two commands. These are both very useful however. The /pregen command requires the user to fill in some data for dimensions, but then it will generate the defined portion of the world without requiring anyone to be nearby. There is also a /purgechunks command to unload chunks as long as nobody is near them. Users will also have access to /setspawn and /pregenspawn although these commands have existed for some time already under one name or another. As for the future of this mod, who knows?


If more of the modders creating custom commands and scripts start to pitch in support for it, the Admin Commands Toolbox mod could end up becoming one of those super utility mods, the sort of thing everyone downloads at least once. Right now it’s useful, but it doesn’t really do anything you couldn’t get from a few other mods. Unlike some of those other mods though, the Admin Commands Toolbox works with Minecraft 1.7.10, which is a pretty recent version of the game. That means you could use it without changing the version you are using, or with backtracking by only an update or two.

Admin Commands Toolbox Mod Commands

  • /pregen : Generate a portion of world between chunk coordinates [minX,maxX] and [minZ,maxZ]
  • /purgechunks : This command will try to free as many chunks as possible.
  • /setspawn : Set the default spawn position at [x,y,z]
  • /pregenspawn : Will generate nchunks in all directions centered on spawn (Overworld only)

Download Links for Admin Commands Toolbox Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requires MobiusCore

Credit: ProfMobius

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