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Aeon Extension Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Unlike most resource packs which simply touch up or replace a few textures without doing anything else, here is something quite a bit different. While the Aeon Extension resource packs does update many textures to give Minecraft more of a science fiction or outer space look, it also adds a number of custom sound effects which make the pack more engrossing and believable overall. This pack is certainly thorough as it updates non-item textures like blocks, weapons, armor, bows and even the user interface or GUI. It’s now loaded with flashing lights and toned down colors rather than hearts or meat chunks.












Even the monsters look like things from outer space. Zombies and zombified villagers come complete with space suits, though in the case of the latter it’s pretty clear the suit didn’t do anything to help the poor villager survive. The Aeon Extension resource pack also has some connected textures built right into it, though you’ll still probably want to grab a CTM mod if you know of a good one. The pack offers mod support for a number of different mobs too, and you’ll likely find at least one decent CTM mod among the list of supported material. You can find that at the pack’s website.

Your own armor will make you look quite a bit different from normal too. Whether it’s leather, iron or something a bit more valuable and difficult to find, all the armor makes you look like some explorer on another planet rather than a random guy named Steve who just popped up in a wide open field one day. The spiders are pretty scary and endermen look like something straight out of the newer Tron movie.

Aeon Extension Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Vanilla: added full CTM set for Purple Stained Clay, mimicking corrugated pipes.
  • Vanilla: added CTM for Chiseled Stone Bricks, mimicking vertical vents.
  • Vanilla: added new Lapis Lazuli graphic.

Download Links for Aeon Extension Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: EzerArch – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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