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Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

Minecraft’s Biomes o’ Plenty mod does just what the name would make you think. While adding a slew of new and unique biomes to the game though, it also adds several new types of flora, as well as unique world and construction blocks to complement all the different, new biomes. This is one of the biggest Minecraft mods to date in terms of the amount of content it adds to the game, though it does make use of many textures and items naturally found in the game to produce some of the new biomes. Therefore, not all of the content is new, but the way in which things are arranged certainly hasn’t been seen before.








There are bayous, bogs, brushlands and more new biomes to discover and explore, but perhaps the cherry forests and crag biomes are some of the most unique and updated biomes, featuring lots of custom content and very little natural Minecraft content. Many of the new areas introduced by the Biomes o’ Plenty mod also have custom spawns as well, so you might see monsters you’re not used to seeing in some places, or monsters that never existed before in others. For a Minecraft facelift beyond the depth level of any resource pack, check out this mod.

Biomes o’ Plenty Mod Changelogs

for Minecraft 1.16.3

  • Fixed a potential crash.
  • Fixed server woes and (supposedly) some mod compatibility issue. .
  • Added Lush Desert biome.

How to install Biomes o’ Plenty Mod?

  1. Download the Minecraft Forge and this mod!
  2. Find in %appdata%/.minecraft, the mods folder.
  3. Move the mod jar/zip file to .minecraft/mods
  4. Have fun!

Download Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 Glitchfiend is the creator of Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

📣 About Project

Developer Glitchfiend
Published📅 Jul 8, 2021

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Comments (69)

Unfortunately, upon downloading this mod, Minecraft states that I don’t have the necessary dependencies. I have looked online, and no one appears to have this issue. I also have Minecraft Forge, and downloaded the mod in the exact fashion you asked. May I receive help?

I keep getting an error when I open minecraft saying I need forge or anything above that to play using biomes o plenty but theres no such thing???? I’ve checked on the forge site, and the link in this forum. No

I had 1.11.2 Forge, then downloaded the mod, and it worked fine. Then I launched Minecraft but changed the launch settings to 1.12. When I tried going back into my world, almost every block from the mod was gone. Then I switched it back to 1.11.2 but the blocks were still gone. How do I fix it?

Dude, the 1.11.2 version always gives me an error saying that it is missing mods that it depends on. What other mods do I need? I really want this mod and for hours I’ve been desperately trying to get it to work. And alas, no efforts have shown progress. What am I doing wrong?

um i got a crash report using forge and the mod both for 1.12 link to dropbox file i uploaded the crash report to crash-2017-07-13_10.23.45-client.txt

Listen, it’s an awesome mod.. But it would be nice if it was just a little more configurable… Like I don’t want a bunch of biomes just smushed together, I want to seek them out and explore, which is why it would be nice for there to be a configure option to make it or just add in a world generation option of “BOP Large Biomes”, thats my biggest request

Whenever I try to start up Minecraft with the forge version it crashes and it says it caught an exception from Biomes O’ Plenty

And please people don’t reply with ‘Me too’ if this has happened to you as well, it does not help.

I’m having the same issues as HoneyCutter, saplings aren’t growing into full trees. Jungle trees won’t grow in orchard (2×2) and orchard saplings wont grow in orchard biome either. Oaks will grow in forest hills though…

My world does not generate about half the modded trees. It generates terrain and grass color, but it has only generated the sacred springs trees. Is there a setting I’m missing?

The only problem I seem to have with this is that trees do not spawn and saplings do not grow, even if bonemealed in the proper biomes (Redwood saplings won’t grow despite being in a redwood forest biome). Vanilla trees still grow, but since the biomes o plenty world is mostly supposed to have new trees, I end up generating a barren, almost lifeless world. But!! I’m definitely looking forward to this being fixed because this mod is actually really cool, even when its not working for me so thats rad and i can’t wait for all the tree

As much as I love the mod, I have to ask is it normal to have biomes where iron and other materials besides coal don’t spawn at all? If that’s a thing, I’d recommend at least putting SOME spawns in the mountain foothills for iron and other crafting materials.

This mod in 1.9 simply does not work. I ran it with 1.8 just fine, now all of a sudden it crashes minecraft every time I boot it up. I’ve cleaned out my mods folder, removed texture packs, nothing works.

I did changed the world type but the new trees doesnt spawn! Also, I tried planting a palm tree sapling and right cliked bone meal and an oak tree was grown

I was wondering, what seed was the snowy alps and the big canyon-y area in? It looked really cool, and I was wondering whether is was an actual biome or just a seed… 😀 Thanks!

Also, I find that the 1.8 works perfectly. It’s really fun to explore and use new materials. But there is one thing that I have another question about… What does the item called “biome radar” do? It’s a big question of mine.

Thanks SO MUCH!


Got everything working on mine just fine. Awesome mod with plenty of cool biomes. Mesa is one of my favorites, as well as dead swamp. This is not a fake mod. Just be sure to switch the world get type and start in creative so you can fly around fast and discover the lands.

It’s a really great mod, I really like the new biomes and everything that comes with it. The only problem I have is that I first strated to lag a bit, then a lot, and then it crashed. But that’s just my pc not being able to handle anything at the moment. But it’s a great mod anyway!

For those of you who are having trouble, to get a special biome when making a world, there’s a biomes o’ plenty customizing option. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the biome

Ya, I’ve been looking for more biomes, but i have only found 14, not 75. I have all the items, but none of the ores spawn either. The biomes I’ve seen are 1 marsh, 2 highland, 3 dense forest, 4 woodland, 5 grassland, 6 scrubland, 7 lavender fields, 8 stone beach, 9 thicket, 10 origin valley, 11 chaparrel, 12, steppe, 13 some weird very tall mountains with blueish cobble, and 14 very high mountains with 4-5 blocks of snow on the top. But thats it, whats wrong??

i tried 1.8 and the game crashed with an error messege someone previously posted, so i used 1.7.10 and no biomes load. the blocks appear in creative however… awaiting a fix hopefully

I tried on Minecraft 1.8 and it works. BiomesOPlenty-1.8- + forge-1.8-

alright well i used the other forge version and got it to load, it said i had the mod installed but its not loading any new worlds still. it lets me go into creative and use the new items but the world doesnt generate the new biomes

People who say it’s not working, when you create a world, and you see the “World Type” button or “World Generation” you have to click that. Go past superflat and amplified and you will come across a world generation option of “Biomes o’ Plenty” Use that and boom. Biomes of plenty everywhere

I can’t find ANY OF THAT BIOMES ? ? ? IS THIS FAKE MOD ???

Yeah, even though i set the world thingy to biomes o’plenty, i could only find like 10 biomes, and probably the lamest ones too! I searched for hours and only found those same biomes, I’m starting think this is a fake mod…

The download link for 1.8 leads to a 404 page

help i got mod and spawners and stuff are working but i cant see any new biomes please help

You have to go to where it says ‘World Type: Default’ on the world options and click it until it says ‘World Type: Biomes O’ Plenty’, then the new biomes should spawn in normally

hey when i got the mod it said that it includes another mod and i either need to include the mod or remove the mod. i need help.

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