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Cake Defence Map for Minecraft 1.4.7

Tower defense games are very popular on the Internet these days. They aren’t the only games people are playing where the object is to defend a particular object or point, however. In Minecraft, the Cake Defence map presents players with a special game, lasting 12 rounds total, where monsters will try to snatch up the player’s cake. Monsters will increase in numbers and strength as the game progresses, until the final 12th round, where even experienced players tend to trip up and lose. It’s fun, but frustrating, and the map is certainly worth checking out if you like to play defensively.



While you don’t need any special mods or other custom content to make the Cake Defence map work, you do need to make sure your difficulty is set to anything except peaceful, or else the mobs won’t spawn and the map won’t work. Even though a sequel has launched with the newer monsters included, this older version of the popular map is still fun, especially with players who prefer older versions of Minecraft. That said, if you find Cake Defence isn’t working for your selected version of Minecraft, you might want to give the second map in the series a try instead.

Cake Defence Map Features

  • 1-3 Players
  • 25 Mob types
  • Attack, Defense and Agility upgrades
  • Special abilities
  • 2500+ Command blocks!

Download Links for Cake Defence Map

for Minecraft 1.6.X

Credit: Disco_ – Website:

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