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A Brave New World Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2

Everyone who has played Minecraft for more than 5 minutes knows there are different environments, or biomes, which can be found throughout the game. Places like deserts, mountains, plains and swamps provide lots of different places to live, as well as lots of different places for mobs, both friendly and hostile, to spawn. This is fine for most players. But if you want your Minecraft world to have regular seasons like the Earth, you might want to check out A Brave New World resource pack. It changes the appearance of the world to make it look like all four seasons are going at once in different biomes.







A Brave New World has some strong connections to the Real Life Seasons mod, since it was actually designed to work alongside that add-on. Though the original mod is defunct and nobody is working on it anymore, A Brave New World is still around, using many recycled textures from the mod and incorporating some new ones too. Though you don’t get seasons changing every few months like the original mod intended to make happen, you can see the different seasons in different biomes if you’re willing to go and look for them.







Better than that though, in those places where 2, 3 or even 4 biomes all intersect in vanilla Minecraft, A Brave New World will truly delight your eyes. Seeing the spring flower, the summer rain, the falling leaves of autumn and the whited out fields of winter all in such close proximity to each other will probably make you do a double take. Stuff like this is only possible in Minecraft. If you’re looking for a resource pack to dress up your world, you found it.

A Brave New World Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs

10-9 1.8 Release:

  • Reworked defense, attack, weakness status effect icons.
  • New wood surface walking sounds.
  • Reworked drinking sound effect.

Download Link for A Brave New World Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.11 / 1.10.2

Credit: TQuin

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