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Death Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

Dying in Minecraft can be one of the worst experiences, especially when you’re playing on Hardcore Mode and dying really means dying, along with the end of the world in which you’re playing. Even if you aren’t playing Hardcore Mode though, dying can still be a pain because you drop everything you’re carrying. If you don’t get back to your goods in a timely manner, or log off before retrieving your items, then they’re gone forever; truly a source of frustration for many Minecraft players.



Death Chest is a mod which alleviates this issue, so long as the player is carrying an empty chest in his or her inventory upon death. With Death Chest, when you die, your carried chest will be placed on the nearest solid block. Within the chest will be stashed as much of what you were carrying upon death as can possibly fit into the space. Death Chest does not make double chests; you will only get a single chest placed from this mod, which is enough to carry one inventory worth of goods.

That isn’t counting anything on your hotkey bar, or any equipped pieces of armor, so if you’re going to rely on Death Chest to keep your items safe, you’ll want to leave some free spaces in your inventory. Anything that doesn’t fit will be dropped as normal. Also, if you have standard fire spread, dying near a pool of lava or an active fire will probably destroy all your items once your chest catches fire.

Death Chest mod is very useful for players who often die in Survival Mode. It will keep a dying player’s inventory safe until they can come and reclaim their dropped goods.

Download Links for Death Chest Mod

for Minecraft 1.8

for Minecraft 1.7.10

for Minecraft 1.6.2 by Risugami

Credit: tyler1555- Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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I dont reccomend this mod. Instead of installing this mod that only features a chest that contains you stuff when you die, you should go to and download the Gravestone mod – This mod features tons of new dungeon like buildings with new items and mobs, PLUUUSSSS when you die a gravestone block pops up where you died and all you need to do is find that grave and punch the gravestone and you will get your stuff back… PLUS the gravestone!!

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