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Exp Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.8

You know how experience can be stored in bottles o’ enchanting in Minecraft? It’s portable enough and makes a good way to level up again quickly in case you die in some unfortunate accident, but there’s just so much work which goes into making those things and the returns per bottle are miniscule. The Exp Chest mod introduces a new chest item to Minecraft which allows you to store experience points in much the same way as the potions. Howevr, you don’t need any special gear, or to do potion brewing or gather materials when you want to save experience. Just open the chest and dump it in.




Basically the Exp Chest works like an ender chest. Once you put down the first one and add items to it, every other Exp Chest you put down will link back to the first, allowing you to grab more saved experience anywhere you want if you’re willing to carry a second chest on you. One important thing to note is that the chest doesn’t actually store levels. What it stores is the experience points. Also, you actually have access to two different types of chests in the Exp Chest mod. There is a normal chest and then the ender exp chest which works just like an ender chest.



The Exp Chest mod might sound complicated but it really isn’t. In fact it’s a great way to store experience points while you’re on the go. You could put one down in your brewing room, smelting room and in bases you might put up at various points around your world. They’re useful pretty much anywhere and being able to access them from any location means you get the most out of these new chest items. This mod is recommended for anyone who’s sick of dying to creepers and losing all their levels.

Exp Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added achievements for crafting the Exp Chest and Ender Exp Chest.
  • Fixed synching issues between Exp Chests.

Download Links for Exp Chest Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Minecraft Forge Required

Credit: jamolnng – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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