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Elemental Arrows Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

You can probably tell what this mod does just from the name. Elemental Arrows mod adds a total of five new arrow types to Minecraft, and each of these will be explained shortly. It also adds a new bow, the Homing Bow, which adds a homing effect to all arrows fired from it (including the new modded arrows). This mod adds a whole new dynamic to ranged combat in Minecraft. Here are the arrows and what they do:



Explosive Arrows

These do just what you might expect. Upon landing, even if the arrow doesn’t hit a targeted enemy, it will explode and cause some damage to surrounding blocks and mobs. These are made with the same recipe used to make arrows, but gunpowder replaces the flint. Also, you only get one arrow instead of three.

Fire Arrows

Made with coal, these arrows ignite whatever they hit. They can be used to clear forests, or snipe from afar any enemies vulnerable to fire. Not much use for these in the Nether, sadly.

Ice Arrows

These require snowballs to craft, and these arrows are more for utility than anything else. They can quench lava, freeze the surface of a body of water and otherwise help the player navigate their world.

Egg Arrows

These do very little damage, but they are very useful for getting guaranteed chicken spawns from eggs which would normally only create a chicken at a rate of about 1 in 12.

Lightning Arrows

These arrows require diamonds to craft, making them very expensive. However, the resulting lightning strike on impact is worth it.
With Elemental Arrows, players can seriously expand ranged combat in Minecraft. This mod is recommended for anyone who enjoys using a bow.

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Credit: Risugami – Original Thread on MinecraftForum

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