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Elemental Cows Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Cows are such an important part of Minecraft. They used to be the only source of leather, but since you can make that from the hides of many smaller rabbits these days, cows are a little less useful than they used to be. They’re still a good source of food and leather, so they’re necessary for staving off starvation and crafting armor, books and even enchanting tables. The Elemental Cows mod aims to make cows an even more interesting and entertaining aspect of Minecraft by giving them special elemental abilities and powers unlike anything they’ve ever had in vanilla Minecraft.



The Elemental Cows mod adds 11 cows to Minecraft in total, with 9 elementally charged cows and 2 cows which are reserved for special events. Some of these special cows are pretty easy to figure out and understand. For instance, the fire cow, which spawns in the Nether, deals fire damage to enemies and is itself immune to all forms of fire and burning damage. There’s a lightning cow too, which comes with a massive 100 hit points and a huge speed boost. It can literally throw lightning at mobs, and even the player if you happen to agro them, so be careful when walking the plains biomes.



Many of the elemental cows in this mod will do something amazing on dying. Fire cows will explode into a low-damage bomb over a small radius. Lightning cows will hit every living thing within a certain radius with a bolt of lightning when they die. Wind cows will kick up a tornado which will pick up nearby mobs, even players, and hurl them very far in random directions. The Elemental Cows mod is full of fun and interesting mobs and death animations like these, so if you were looking for new mobs in Minecraft, you’ve found a decent mod.

Elemental Cows Mod Showcase:

Elemental Cows Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Added Earth Blade
  • Added Dark Blade
  • Added Mini Fire Cow
  • Added Mini Wind Cow
  • Added Mini Ice Cow
  • Added Mini Dark Cow
  • Added Mini Water Cow
  • Added Mini Earth Cow

Download Links for Elemental Cows Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – BETA – Forge Required

Credit: Soulas – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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